Single Skin and Double Skin Air Handling Units

Posted by Air Unit on June 1st, 2016

Air Handling Unit comprise of Single Skin Air Handling Units and Double Skin Air Handling Units. The primary function of Single Skin Air Handling Units is all about providing ventilation. While the other one is used for air conditioning purpose. Single units have single casing comprising G.I materials and Double units contain outer casing that is made with crammed polyurethane foam for better thermal protection.

The firm framework of these units comprises an assembly of externally chamfered extruded anodized aluminium profiles and nylon glass fibre joints. This when incorporated with polyurethane foam, 25 mm / 43 mm, thick, pressure injected sandwiched panels, makes the whole unit anti-corrosive and sweat free.

Single Skin AHU
Single Skin Air Handling Unit unit comprise fan and motor, these units are well balanced to be equipped with floating isolator for creating vibrations. The unit is known to be noise free, for its good air circulation properties, ease of installation and high efficiency. The air handling unit is an integrated piece that contains all the components including filters and silencers, cooling coils, air dampers and air control dampers. All these components together in one unit are often called AHU in the singular form. This equipment is designed to collect the air and mix it with the out door air that returns back to the building space. The air mix is either heated or cooled with the system that is inbuilt within the unit. A duct system is used to manage the air circulation and mix that is either used for cooling or heating purpose often referred as HVAC systems. These systems occupy huge space and for this purpose it is mounted on roof or even floor singularly. With the economizer or inlet damper the system works efficiently. It allows for a regulated amount of air from outside to be pulled in using the air handler. The whole unit comprise of some components that are used for this purpose of air regularization and circulation that includes energy saving instrumentals, filters, fans, cooling coils, humidifiers and even technology that helps in maintaining all these components in proper working function.

Double Skin AHU
Double Skin Air Handling Unit has it components aligned with the base tray for easy maintenance. With a sturdy construction and flexible combination it is a great unit where specific applications are required. These units are easily suspended from the ceiling that makes it highly desirable in areas where floor space is required. The unit can be installed above false ceiling or inside the area that makes it cost effective and ease of installation into any interior.

In comparison the Double unit comprise of cooling coil connected with cool water line and a condensing unit. The coil goes between the blowers for rapid air cooling. Constructed with copper tubes, the cooling coils are efficient in modulating the air temperature effectively.

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