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Posted by Danyking on June 2nd, 2016

NCSoft has announced that Blade and Soul’s subsequent vital refurbish called Vengeance Breaks has arrived, bringing with it new dungeons and pets. With this update, there comes a question whether the price of the quartz and pickaxe will go down or not. Here Safewow gives you a brief analysis about it. For cheap gold Blade and Soul for sale, Safewow is your first and best choice.

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Silverfrost Mountains Act 4, Part 2 is introduced.
Your tale of revenge will come to an end as Act 4 Part 2 of Blade and Soul pits you against the one that kills your master. Will you be strong enough to resist the want for revenge long enough to stop the Divine Mandate Ritual? You will need to make a choice to either stop the Divine Mandate Ritual or seek out their Master’s killer in an act of revenge.
Three new heroic dungeons and Tower of Infinity are introduced.
It introduces three new heroic dungeons, including Sundered Nexus, Alter of Divine Will, and Zaiwei Ruins. Also Tower of Infinity is launched. It is a single-player challenge against random controlled enemy on each floor. You must defeat as many enemies as you can before the time limit runs out or you are defeated.
New pets are introduced and Hongmoon Level cap is increased to 15.
You can have your own adorable companion pets which not only look cute but provide defensive buffs when fed. As an added bonus, there will be two pets exclusive to the NA/EU version named a Griffin and Otter. Also, it will increase the maximum Hongmoon Level to 15.
Price of quartz and pickaxe will go up or not?
In terms of price, the radio between quartz and pickaxe has always remains steady at 2:1. If one fluctuates, the other will follow. It is estimated that the price of both will go up. Pickaxe demand will increase and the supply of pickaxes won’t be able to handle it because of the 24 hour crafting time. The price of pickaxes will go up and the price of quartz will eventually follow, especially when it is going to be the same group of people mining this quartz.
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