Which is the Right Way to find Best Girls PG in Gurgaon?

Posted by andhra mess on June 2nd, 2016

In order to stay safe in the unknown city like Gurgaon, women or girls must engage themselves in searching for the right hostel or PG. Take your own time and browse for the number of PGs and hostels surrounded the city. Internet seems to be the best medium for every individual to search for the best girls PG accommodation in Gurgaon.

There are actually 2 types of PGs available for girls or women – Standard ladies PG and Premium Ladies PG. Only difference between standard and premium Ladies PG is that, in standard PGs you will get all the normal facilities like bath rooms, single cot, fan, food, etc. But, in Premium Ladies PG, you will get all the posh facilities like hot water bath, air conditioners, tasty food, room service, wifi, interior decor, and others.

Likewise, there are many such facilities provided in the ladies PG when you go with the premium ladies PG. So, facilities depend upon the economy level. If you choose hi5 PGs, you need to pay more; else if your budget is low, you can search for the normal or standard PGs. More than budget, what ladies have to think is about their safety and security. In premium level PGs, girls or women will be much secured as security guards are available for girls’ safety. 

Before joining any PG, women or girls should take responsibility to ask for the rental policy and agreement, and enquire about all the facilities provided carefully. Else, you’ll lose all your hard earned money paying for the PGs that would never give complete satisfaction. Enquire if outsiders like friends or parents are allowed inside the PG, so that you can feel much comfortable. Suppose outsiders are not allowed, you will end up struggling.

The most important thing is to check the nearest location. If the PG is located near to your office, you can walk or drive comfortably to the office and reach office on time. If PG is far away from your office, you need to check if the transportation facilities are better and nearer to your PG. Else, it’s of no use staying in such kind of PG that is far from your office with no proper transportation facility.

Next thing you have to focus on is your budget and expenses. If your expenses cross your daily or monthly budget, you cannot lead your life peacefully. Always concentrate more on your budget and expenses and try to balance each other. Especially, it would be the toughest job for the ladies to stay in budget that too in an unknown city like Gurgaon. It is thus, important to find at least the low rental PGs that helps in maintaining the budget to some extent.

Initially, it might become hard for you to find the best girls PG in Gurgaon, as you don’t have any idea about the standard or premium PGs. Later, you will definitely become expert in finding the right PG with the previous experience in other PGs you stayed earlier.

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