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Posted by Michell Mor on August 30th, 2022

Yes, there is such a thing as abortion tourism. Sadly, it is 2022 and access to safe abortion is still not a protected right.

There are many countries that ban or criminalise abortion (such as Nicragua, Egypt and the Philippines).  And even more countries have tight restrictions (like in Myanmar, Guatemala and Somalia). 

The United States of America is a recent addition to this long list of countries with strict abortion laws. 

What is abortion tourism?

Laws against abortion don’t prevent unplanned pregnancies. Neither do they stop people from having an abortion. What they do is make this basic health procedure a problem. Or worse, a crime. 

To avoid such struggles, people wanting abortions travel to another state, province or country where abortion is legal. This is abortion tourism. It is a subcategory of medical tourism, which has seen people travel to acquire healthcare services. People travel for many reasons. To avoid high costs, undergo specialized medical treatment or take advantage of advanced medical equipment.

In the same vein, people travel to another country to get an abortion, as part of abortion tourism.  

How long has abortion tourism been around? 

Abortion tourism isn’t a new thing and has been around for a long time. In the United States of America, before Roe vs. Wade - the recently-overturned pro-abortion court ruling - people travelled for abortion. From states where abortion was illegal to states like New York which had made abortion legal. 

Similarly, India has been famous for abortion tourism, mainly for people living in Gulf states where abortion access is limited.

What’s the current state of abortion tourism? 

Recent waves of populism across the world has seen a rise in talk as well as laws against abortion. Which, in turn, has led to an increase in abortion tourism in recent years. 

In 2020, Poland imposed harsh restrictions on accessing abortion. This made Sweden, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany - among other countries - a preferred place for Polish people to get an abortion. 

With the United States overturning Roe vs. Wade, the more liberal states like New York and California are bracing themselves to receive an increase in abortion tourists. Canada is too. 

What are the famous places for abortion tourism? 

While it is sad that people have to travel for a medical procedure, it is still better than nothing, and better than being forever stuck with a decision and a duty that one didn’t fully plan and agree to. 

Luckily, there are plenty of countries that are safe to have an abortion in. In Europe, this includes Austria, France, Belgium, Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. If Asia is your preferred spot, one can go to India, Singapore and Cambodia. In Latin America, places like Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia can be suitable to get an abortion. And in Africa, South Africa, Zambia, and Benin have abortion-friendlier laws. 

Where can I find information about abortion tourism? 

Regardless of this good news, it’s a tough task to understand the legal and medical landscape of another country. Each place has its unique culture, society and governments. And this calls for a thorough research before one can decide where to go to get an abortion. Commute, hotel, medical facilities, abortion procedures and post-abortion care. There are many things one needs to consider before traveling. 

Luckily, there’s an easy way around this whole exercise. If you want to travel to another country to have an abortion, you can contact various healthcare organisations. They work to support people access safe abortion services.

One such organization is safe2choose. Through an online platform, it provides the latest accurate information about all safe abortion methods. It also explains abortion laws in different countries, offers localised counselling and much more. 

Committed to the right to bodily autonomy, safe2choose works hard to ensure that people can decide for themselves.

Abortion 101 

Given the stigma and fake news surrounding abortion, safe2choose website guides abortion-seekers in understanding this procedure in an easy and friendly way. A big part of the website contains information about the different methods of abortion care such as abortion with pills or in-clinic abortion. From explaining the two kinds of pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol), to reliable brands and their costs - safe2choose has it all covered. 

Furthermore, they explain in great details - through graphics and videos - the in-clinic abortion option and the common methods used. This includes supervised medical abortion, manual vacuum aspiration, surgical abortion and miscarriage management.  

With the mission to support people from beginning till the end, safe2choose also has a pregnancy calculator. This helps you determine the duration of the pregnancy and decide on the best method.   

Abortion directory 

Another great service offered by safe2choose is its country profiles. Whether you are in Cambodia, Ghana or Chile, you can find all the data you need on the website. Laws about abortion in your country, different options, location and cost - it covers everything. 

Complementing this collection of hard data are the personal stories of people who contacted safe2choose for guidance. What better way to understand this very intimate experience than through the tales of people who have been through it. 

Expanding the types of topics it covers, safe2choose also publishes blogs, and it produced a podcast series ‘Mind Your Uterus’ last year. It addressed the age-old questions and new dilemmas about abortion, in honest and meaningful ways.  

Abortion counselling 

The highlight of safe2choose’s work, however, is its excellent counseling service. Over the years, the diverse team of counselors has advised and guided hundreds of people to make the best choice for them. 

Speaking many different languages and located across the world, the counselors - with medical training - are there for you. They will exchanges on the possible options and provide you with all the right tools to decide on your own in your language.. 

With the knowledge of science and values of care and respect, the counselors are your go-to person for safe abortion. 

Ensuring the highest possible professional attitude, the counseling team protects all the data shared. It offers stigma and judgment-free guidance in a safe manner. 

Getting in touch with them couldn’t be easier - drop an email or start a live chat. After that, the team will take care of everything. 

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Michell Mor, eHealth Content Specialist at Women First Digital, an organization helping women about contraception and sexual health.

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