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Posted by RPost on August 30th, 2022

Electronic signatures or eSignatures have become very popular because of the simplicity, convenience, and security they bring to the day-to-day business transactions. But many people remain sceptical to opt for them entirely or don’t leverage all the available features. In this article, we’re going to talk about a relatively unexplored feature of eSignatures – setting up a signing order to sign documents electronically.

RSign, a global eSignature solution from RPost, offers a robust “sequential signing” feature to let you determine the signing order before sending a document for signature digitally.

How to Create a Signing Order to Sign Forms in RSign

Getting a document signed by more than one person is a super easy process in RSign. Some use cases where this feature comes in handy include:

  • An employment offer letter that has to be signed by the Operations manager first, then HR manager, and then the candidate.
  • An SOW with multiple project approvers, such as the project manager and the finance controller before the contractor gets the contract.
  • A purchase order that has to be signed multiple times; for example, sending a purchase order to a manager to approve, then to purchasing, then the signed copy to the manager again.

Here’s how you can set up a sequence for your recipients to sign forms, e-sign documents, and attach their signatures digitally.

Open your RSign interface and upload the document to set it up to sign documents online.

Click on the “Recipient” button and start adding details like names and email addresses.

Set a Signing Order for Quick eSignatures

Setting the signing order for signatures is fast and easy. With RSign, you can create secure and legally enforceable signatures speedily with top-grade encryption and also personalize them without risking legitimacy.

Add or remove signers with ease, send out reminders to recipients, collect free electronic signatures in the proper signing sequence – do more with RSign. And it’s free to use. Try it!

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