Reasons Why you should switch to Organic Spices

Posted by Sahil Mehta on August 31st, 2022

Spices have been a part of many Asian cultures since ancient times. In fact, Indian cuisine is simply incomplete without spices. However, earlier unadulterated spices were used. The flavors from freshly harvested spices remained intact till the spices reached people’s kitchens. Unfortunately, as the demand for spices increased, adulterated spices flooded the markets. Spices mixed with colors and chemicals are usually found on most shelves. Hence, it is crucial to make the switch toorganic spices

Benefits of Using Organic Spices 

At times, you may have wondered why the food you prepare does not taste like the food your grandmother used to prepare. Well, the simple reason is that earlier most people used organic food products. However, over the years with an increase in demand, people had no other choice than to consume food full of chemicals. 

In recent years, however, people have realized that artificially grown food can do more harm than good and are gradually switching back to organic food. The most beneficial aspect of organic food products is that they are grown without any chemicals. This means that whether you are eating organic rice or organic spices, you can rest assured that the food that you consume is free from any toxins. The following are some other benefits of organic spices: 

1.     Organic spices are Unadulterated 

Several additives are added to spices so that their cost of production can be reduced. In fact, high-demand spices such as red chili powder or turmeric powder usually contain food colors, sawdust, starch, or brick powder. Some even contain lead chromate. As you can imagine, these components are quite harmful to the body. It can even disrupt normal body functions. However, organic spices are grown naturally. No chemicals are used for growing, processing, or preserving them. 

2.     Organic Spices are Fresh 

Spices are heavily processed and then packed even before they reach the market. In order to ensure the longevity of their spices, many manufacturers add a number of chemicals to their spices. For instance, many even add anti-clumping agents so that the spices don’t clump together. Many even add calcium silicate as an anti-caking agent. While these chemicals may not be harmful immediately, in the long run, they can cause serious health issues. Organic spices are cultivated without the use of any chemicals. Whether you are cooking exotic vegetables or homegrown ones you can rest assured that you are not consuming any such chemical agents. Their shelf life is simply maintained by carefully harvesting them. 

3.     Organic Spices Boost Immunity 

Several spices have various medicinal properties. They help your body in preparing to fight against diseases. In fact, they even destroy any harmful bacteria that may be present in the food that you consume. Spices such as turmeric, ginger powder, garlic, and cumin are known for their immunity-boosting properties. They are also a rich source of antioxidants that reduce inflammation and combat oxidative stress. 


Apart from the aforementioned benefits, organic spices also taste much better than their conventionally grown counterparts. Since they are grown without the use of any chemicals, the phytonutrients present in the plants can grow easily and produce much more flavor. Thus, it is high time that you make the switch to organic spices. 

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