The Plus Points of Renting A Bridal Lehenga

Posted by rickymartin on June 2nd, 2016

Wedding is a phase of merriment and expenditures of course! One thing that every bride binges on is her wedding lehenga and jewelry. Virtually in all the circumstances, the lehenga is never worn after the marriage and even the jewelry is too hefty for daily wear. Just visualize, all that money gone down the drain for a couple of hours! Opting for lehenga on rent in Hyderabad is a new trend amid the contemporary brides, who would rather expend that money elsewhere than in a trunk locked up incessantly. It would not drain her budget and is as simple as purchasing one. This makes it an eye-catching option even for the brides who are not on a budget restriction. Let us tell you some reasons for thinking seriously to rent lehenga.

Following The Trend

Well, it is not the only thing that is borrowed in your marriage. You rent a site, the chairs and the decoration items. The newest trend is to rent your wedding dress and jewelry. There are ample providers in the market to cater to your taste and requirements.

Budget Rationalization

Brides, at the present time, are practical and genuine. The economic scales and choices are costly though. You will be trying to balance between a worthy photography service, makeup facility and your personal budget. In such a situation, you would find it much better a choice to rent an apt costume and rearrange that budget to a better photography facility for never-ending memories or the finest makeup artist you had thought of. Renting the costume leaves a part of the budget for you to use on other amenities.


Wedding lehengas can set your budget back by a considerable amount. Here, sky is the limit. Dependent on the designer and design, your lehenga can be an enormous impediment in your wedding budget. Renting a wedding lehenga can get you a design of your choice, and yet, makes you pay only a fraction of the assigned budget. It is nearly like having the cake and relishing it too!

After-Marriage Care

Your wedding lehenga requires relentless care even after the marriage. They need to be unwrapped and pleated in the opposite direction to circumvent breakage of zari or embroidery. You need to keep it safe from dampness and other components too. But, when you rent out your dress, you are in a no-liability relation to your marriage clothing. You can wear it and when the purpose is over, pack and return it.

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