Rio Tinto Diavik diamond mines reached 100 million karats milestone

Posted by sallys on June 2nd, 2016

Rio Tinto Group, announced this week that Canada’s Diavik diamond mine has been in production since 2003, a total of 100 million karats of diamonds mined stone. The diamond mine is jointly owned by Rio Tinto Group and Dominion Group, Rio Tinto 60% stake in its subsidiary Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. is responsible for the development and operation of diamond mines Replica Bvlgari Jewelry.
Diavik Diamond Mine is Canada’s largest diamond mine, located in the northwest of the lake is a small island, has two open pits. Since 2003, Diavik diamond mine officially put into operation, the first year of large particles gem-quality diamonds total more than six million karats, the current annual production of about 7 million karats, diamond mining is expected that a total of 16 years to life 22 years.
Australian diamond company has just announced a new round Lucapa diamond sales report, total weight 1862 kt Angola Lulo alluvial diamond mine at a price of $ 2.1 million deal, the average carat price of $ 1150, which includes weighing 60ct, 35ct and 21ct the “Specials” (weighing more than 10.8ct) of Fancy yellow diamonds and 13ct yellow diamond.
Lulo mine large diamonds mined primarily from the 6th and the 8th mine, so far has been mined out four over 100 kt of rough diamonds. Recent Angola rainy season coming to an end, Lucapa mining resumed on the 6th mine, and found that a weight of a Fancy Yellow Gold 13ct original stone – this is the Lulo diamond mined so far the largest pieces of yellow diamond, and No. 8 mining area in June dry season recovery operations.
Type IIa type colorless diamonds, heavy 35ct, D color; yellow diamond stone, heavy 13ct, color level Fancy Yellow.
Lucapa diamond sales in a new round of large particles of rough diamonds, mined in Lulo diamond No. 6 Mine.

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