Can You Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

Posted by Max Phillips on September 2nd, 2022

LinkedIn is a very popular social media platform for people looking for a job or business owners who want to promote their business. Many professionals use LinkedIn for finding jobs, publishing articles or registering as a freelancer.

LinkedIn platform can be used for building a social network, growing your career or sharing your work with your targeted audience. Business owners can hire employees, vendors, generate leads or market your firm, increase their business connections and network within their industry. You can buy linkedin accounts in bulk for your business marketing.

LinkedIn Features

As LinkedIn incorporates various features and solutions for businesses and individuals, it’s main and most used function includes:

Stay in Touch: To stay updated with your professional and personal network, LinkedIn is the best platform for it. People can contact their professional colleagues through this platform.

Seeking for Job: The job search feature of LinkedIn allows the users to access thousands of job listings. The job application form is filled out directly on the site which is sent to the potential employer’s with the user’s LinkedIn profile.

Getting Help: If a user is facing any business problem, there are many groups on LinkedIn which help the user to connect with an expert through a trusted source.

New Hiring: If your company is looking for a capable and talented employee, then LinkedIn can help you find an experienced, and appropriate person with in demand career skills.

Business Growth with LinkedIn

An individual can do job postings, or find their potential clients and vendors through a business profile. It is a vast platform for B2B businesses and it is also a wonderful lead generation platform which targets the potential client. It finds the people who influence your business the most by job title, industry or company.

Best LinkedIn Market Practices

LinkedIn is the best marketing tool for growing your business. Following are some of the ways you can use to market and grow your business:

Using Hashtags

Hashtags add emphasis to your posts on LinkedIn and they can also serve the purpose to change your marketing strategy for the betterment of business. Hashtag symbols can work as a goldmine for bringing in new audiences but using too many or wrong hashtags can restrict your reach. So there should be a balance between relevant hashtags and popular ones by doing proper hashtag research to see the hashtag following and how often it is used.

Use of LinkedIn Page instead of LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile and page, both serve different purposes for LinkedIn marketing. Pages are primarily used by businesses as it is public whereas profiles let you connect in private conversations with your client. Both the entities can give you the ultimate marketing workflow.

The Posts Should be of Varying Lengths

Quick, bold posts can capture reader’s attention as well as long form stories can pack a punch on LinkedIn. Keep your content fresh with varying lengths. They should be short sometimes and they could be long as well. Images and videos can also be added to make it more interesting and let the traffic in.

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