Ways Of Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Portugal

Posted by Maryam Sheikh on September 2nd, 2022

Portugal has a very flexible method of immigration for foreign nationals. You can shift to a Portuguese state with your partner and stay there with your temporary residence permit. Recently, the Portuguese institutions and companies are also opening various vacancies for immigrants across different states. Immigrate to Portugal to fulfill your commitments with the help of a few simple steps.

Who Can Get a Temporary Residence Permit in Portugal?

In order to get your Portugal temporary resident visa, you need to fulfill certain requirements. Complete the documentation and interview processes efficiently, as it is not always very easy to qualify for visa approval. You can stand rejected if you fail to chronologically follow the steps. In simple words, you can reside and settle in Portugal on a temporary basis if you have the following 3 types of commitments in the state:

  •        Temporary Residence for Study: You can obtain a temporary resident visa in Portugal if you want to study in one of the Portuguese universities. It can be a graduate or postgraduate course. Make sure that you get admission in a preferred university course before applying for a visa in Portugal. You also need to communicate with the university professionals to know the details.
  •        Temporary Residence for Work and Self-Employment: If you want to work in a Portuguese company, or even start a new business in Portugal, you can apply for a residence permit. It can also be extended as and when required. Often, it is the employer who provides you with necessary information regarding your visa approval. Learn about Portugal Resident Visa Requirements and apply accordingly.
  •        Temporary Residence for Reunifying your Family: Spouses, brothers, sisters, parents, and relatives of a Portuguese citizen or permanent resident can opt for a temporary resident visa. You must present necessary documents in order to qualify in the application process.

How To Get a Temporary Resident Visa in Portugal?

Once you make sure whether you are eligible for visa approval in Portugal as a temporary resident, you can apply accordingly. Consult with a Portuguese embassy and fill out your application form. Provide all necessary documents like educational qualifications (for students), job confirmation details from employer (for postgraduate working), or your relationship and identification proof (in case of relatives of foreign nationals). You will get your Portugal residence permit within 60 days of your visa documentation and approval.

Receive Your Portugal Temporary Residence Permit with Correct Procedures

Many times, people make the mistake of overlooking the details of the documentation and interview process for visa approval. As a result, their request for a permit gets canceled. Don’t make such mistakes and consult with a good immigration agency in Portugal. You also need to update yourself about the details for obtaining a Portugal resident visa. Fulfil your dream of settling in a Portuguese state by following the legal guidelines and extend your visa requirements as and when necessary.

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