Importance Of Stairlift Repair in Reston and Towson, MD

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on September 4th, 2022

Aging takes a toll on the entire body. While the internal organs may show signs of malfunction, the limbs have their functions compromised due to the wear and tear of the bones. Osteoarthritis is a frequent occurrence in women above the age of 50. Older adults suffer from multiple health issues once they begin to be known as senior citizens. Negotiating the stairs to reach the top floors within their home becomes impossible. One may have a quality stair lift installed at the earliest to ensure complete mobility and access to every room of the home.

Finding the right stairlift is not a problem, as many companies provide branded devices to ease the life and mobility of an older adult. Even the best of such mobility and undergo wear & tear as with other mechanical devices. The consumer may find different issues occurring over time. Getting in touch with a technician for Sterling stairlift repair in Catonsville and Towson, MD, is essential when the lift cannot be fixed by following the diagnostic codes displayed on the device.

Thankfully a majority of issues that arise may be fixed by the consumer. Going through the manual provides the user with detailed troubleshooting tips that may help the unusual sounds stop or a nonfunctional device become operational once again. Some of the things to try once the stairlift is stuck for good include the following:

Master Switch: It helps to glance at the master switch positioned on the carriage and turn it on. Many elderly individuals may fail to press the switch down and then panic, stating that the stair lift is malfunctioning.

The Key: Some Sterling models include a key that helps to deter a small child from using the stair lift unintentionally. The user must be sure to push the key in so that the master switch can be turned on.

No Blockage: Having a stair lift stall and stop suddenly can put the user in a difficult situation. It is imperative to check the rail properly before using the lift. Any object that may have been lodged in the rail or accumulation of dust in it may cause the stair lift to be interrupted. Removing such objects can restore operations instantly. There may also be paper, pencils, or pins lodged in the safety sensors. This will also keep the stairlift at a standstill. Removing the articles will enable one to press down and release each of the sensors, thereby making the stair lift move as needed.

Control Button: The user must also hold the control button for a few seconds to have it start. Simply nudging the device will not work, for a specific delay time is programmed inside. This is a safety precaution to prevent accidental moving of the device.

It is essential to have the damages and serious problems with its operation addressed by a professional adept at stairlift repair in Reston and Towson, MD.

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