Major Trends Seen in Hair Removal at Kingston, PA

Posted by John Eric on June 3rd, 2016

Hair removal has been an important part of beauty rituals and personal hygiene for centuries. And as time has passed, the techniques and procedures used for removing unwanted hair from the body have constantly evolved. Right from the use of different products to even the areas that are waxed or cleaned, keep on changing. Let’s have a look at the buzzwords when it comes to hair removal at Kingston, PA.

1- Vajazzling: Consider it as taking the whole concept to a luxurious level. Vajazzling is a process that involves the use of Swarovski Crystals! The crystals are applied directly to the skin in a beautiful pattern as chosen by the client. It is more like a temporary, decorative tattoo that adorns newly waxed skin.

2- Hard wax: For those with ultra sensitive skin, hard waxing can be a better alternative to other conventional hair removal processes. The wax only sticks to the unwanted hair instead of touching the skin and is used to pull off the roots just like in other forms of waxing.

3- Brazilian and manscaping waxing in Kingston PA: More and more people are getting inclined towards keeping their private parts hair free and that is why Brazilian wax has become extremely popular in recent times. In addition to that, the trend of manscaping is being embraced as men too wish to rid their bodies of any unsightly hair. Earlier, only thought to be a thing with swimmers and metrosexuals, manscaping has becomes much more mainstream now.

4- Combination treatments: Another new trend that is picking up in Kingston is to combine regular waxing methods with hair-reduction treatments such as the Depilar System. These systems usually make use of different kinds of gels that are mixed with the wax before the procedure. The presence of these gels in the treatment reduces the growth of hair over time while also rendering it completely painful after repeated sessions.

Given the increasing number of ways in which unwanted hair can be removed, it can get quite interesting to take a pick. In fact, trying a new trend every time could also be a good idea. However, one thing that must never be compromised on is quality. Make sure that the salon you go to is well equipped with the latest products and is adept at using them in the prescribed manner. The levels of hygiene and the amount of privacy allowed to the clients also matter a lot.

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