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Posted by accolac99 on June 3rd, 2016

Inspiring news! Summer HiScore and Summer Sweepstake in RS are coming on June 1st. Have you prepared well for these new changes yet? Then you will have a chance to show off your own XP and win the awesome in-game prizes. You must be interested in them. However, you should gain high skill and have more tickets before you start. You can choose RSorder as the best RuneScape gold site 2016 to buy cheap RS 3 gold. This company has sold RS gold for almost 8 years and it specializes in offering cheap legal and rs3 gold for you at any time.

How does the Summer HIScore work?

The Summer HIScore has a deep relationship with the Illumination aura. Therefore, both of them become available on June 1st.

The Illumination aura is available for you when you purchase RS Summer Special package. It provides three months of membership for the price of two and is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy our Summer of Adventure content. And while your aura is active, any base XP you earn will go towards your HiScore. You should get to the top of the Summer HiScores table for each skill to show other players what a total boss you are!

In order to have your own aura, you can turn to RSorder to buy cheap RuneScape 3 gold to help you buy Summer Special package.

Tips for you to join in RS Summer Sweepstake:

From June 1st to Sept. 30th, you can seize the opportunity to win awesome in-game prizes including golden barrows sets, portable banks and even a trip to Jagex HQ.
However, you should click on the Summer Sweepstake icon in the status bar in game to claim your entry tickets. Notice that the more tickets you enter into a particular month’s draw, the more likely you are to win when the draw happens at the end of the month.
How can you earn more tickets? Firstly, become a member of RS. Starting with 1 ticket in June, the number of tickets you receive each month can increase by 1 with each consecutive month of membership over the summer. Secondly, you can buy enough cheap RS 3 gold to help you gain many tickets and receive more small prismatic lamps.

In a word, the Summer HIScore and Summer Sweepstake are appealing and exciting. Stock cheap RuneScape 3 gold on RSorder, which is the best RuneScape gold site 2016, can assist you in boosting your skill in Summer HIScore as well as gaining the attractive prizes in Summer Sweepstake. Have fun!

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