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Posted by John on June 3rd, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome towards the latest solo queue tier list for Patch 6.10! The FOTM Tier list ought to be updated later today or tomorrow too, so keep a lookout for your. The strongest champion as well as ban list updates is going to be just after as nicely.

Anyway, the latest Area 6.10 changes pushed a few formerly popular champions like Jinx support to the top, and also the new champion Taliyah appears like she's in some need of the few buffs before viable for ranked perform.

Champion tier list Explanations

Anivia [Tier 1 Mid] - As though the latest buffs in order to her range, mana expenses, and burst power were not enough, Anivia also received the actual added bonus of having the ability to continuously channel her ultimate while using the Zhonya's active. Overall, Area 6.10 is looking excellent for the frost chicken.

Fizz [Tier 1 Mid] - Even though Fizz actually received an very slight buff these times, I have moved him down due to a Meta shift. The majority of mid-laners in the present Meta have insanely higher wave clear potential. Which means that most players are utilizing to playing more associated with poking game now, especially with Ezreal being very popular now. As an effect, Fizz finds a little bit of difficulty fitting in, but continues to be very strong.

Jarvan INTRAVENOUS [Tier 1 Top] - Largely undetected, the black cleaver price reduction does wonders for Jarvan like a top laner. It synergizes wonderfully together with his built in armor transmission, and allows him to destroy lots of Meta armor stacking best laners.

Jinx [God Tier Marksman] - The actual buffs on Jinx's Switcheroo (Q) are translating for an extremely good performance on her, resulting in a simultaneously high win rate and perform rate.

Lucian [God Tier Marksman] - Lucian's been a beloved marksman, however the new Youmuu's + Dark Cleaver build took him support to God Tier. Due to the faster power spike and the truth that he no longer drops off against tanks enables him to kite difficult with increased cooldown as well as slightly more durability.

Malphite [Tier 1 Top] - Due to more black cleavers on the rift than in the past, including every Lucian player about the rift, Malphite's starting to become a bit more lackluster. He's still good as the primary engaging front collection, but not quite as "league-of-tanks-face roll" he was before.

Malzahar [God Tier Mid] -- Post hot-fix and Area 6. 10 nerfs, Malzahar continues to be a very strong champion within the mid-lane. He is not quite powerful enough to become a must-pick in every street, but as a mid-laner, he a lot more than holds his own. Top lane he really has some trouble because the champions up there have sufficient durability to survive via his damage and unaggressive invulnerability duration.

Mordekaiser [Tier 1 Top] - Mordekaiser top is really kind of a point now. He is very good either as an AP caster with Rylai as well as as a pure container. Either way, the new team concentrate on dragons allows him to possess quite a large effect using the passive on his greatest.

Poppy [Tier 2 Top] - Poppy still remains very popular despite multiple nerfs to both champion herself and the woman's core items. However, she isn't the powerhouse that many people still remember her because, and really is nothing special now.

Singed [Tier 1 Top] - Following the buffs on Rod associated with Ages, Singed rose up quickly with the ranks. Now, he is unquestionably back in action, and deserves a look at have you ever been interested in actively playing him.

Sona [Tier 1 Support] - Sona fell underneath the radar for many years, especially as the additional supports around her obtained buffs and Alistar became the weapon of preference for most players. Nevertheless, now that Alistar's already been nerfed and Sona's synergy using the new Athene's Unholy Grail is completely absurd, I think she's very good again.

Swain [Tier 1 Mid] -- Swain's win rate soared this particular last patch, and he's certainly quite strong. However, with more data I'm still not entirely convinced he is a must-pick/must-ban right now. If he maintains his level with increased playtimes, we can reevaluate, but now he forces through early to mid-game, but has quite a few trouble late game as a sustained rather than burst damage dealer.
Taliyah [Tier 3 Mid/Top/Jungle/Support] - To date the results from Taliyah happen to be less than stellar, and I've not had any amazing personal experience that could conflict with her very low win rate in most roles now. Feel liberated to share your own experiences using the lol tier list.
Zyra [God Tier Support] - The actual support God Tier list doesn't change very often, however the new Zyra certainly warrants it. Her damage result is insanely high, and also the sheer number of vegetation she spews out causes it to be near impossible to hit skillshots throughout a teamfight. This combined with the truth that Ezreal is the 2nd most popular ADC right now means that she works well against a lot of team comps, especially within the bot lane match-up.

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