Manipal Institute of Technology Placements

Posted by arjun on September 7th, 2022

Manipal Institute of Technology Placements


Manipal Institute of Technology is a private university in Manipal, Karnataka. It was established in 1992 and provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, management, and technology. Many students have been placed in leading companies after completing their studies at this institute.

Manipal Institute of Technology has a good placement record.

Manipal Institute of Technology has a good placement record. It has been listed in the top 100 engineering colleges by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) since 2011, and it's been ranked among the best public institutes in India by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings for three consecutive years.

The institute's brand name is strong too: “Manipal” means “the abode of God” in Telugu, while “Manipal” describes an area where people live happily together under one roof; this theme is reflected in many aspects of life at Manipal Institute of Technology including its campus design and architecture as well as educational programs such as those offered through its Extension Centre for Women Entrepreneurship Development (ECWED).

Top recruiters

  • IBM

  • Siemens

  • Capgemini

  • Infosys (formerly Wipro)

  • Cognizant, HCL Technologies and TCS are also great options if you want to work with a large company. Microsoft is another one that offers good opportunities if your focus area is software development or design/development. Oracle and Tech Mahindra are also worth considering as they have many open positions in various domains like infrastructure management, big data analytics, etc..

Summer internships

  • Int. ships are a part of most Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and National Institutes of Technology (NIT) curricula.

  • Internships are voluntary and paid, but you can choose to opt-out if you wish.

  • There are different opt-out fields available for internships at IITs, NITs, and other institutes in Indi, —the list includes aerospace engineering, automobile engineering, chemical engineering/physics, and electronics engineering, among others.

Placement procedure & policy

  • The first round is called the pre-placement round and is held from January to March. During this phase, you will get to know about your placement location and start attending interviews. You will have to attend at least one interview before you are selected for any of the placements offered by the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT).

  • The second round is called the main placement round and takes place after the assessment of your performance during the pre-placement phase has been conducted. This part consists of five stages: selection process, admissions test, counseling session, aptitude test/group discussions, etc., which helps us identify candidates who have adequate skill sets needed for our industry or profession/role

Cut off packages

Once you have completed your first year at the institute and submitted your Ph.D. thesis, you will start preparing for your next step: getting placed. This can be a difficult process because of the huge number of students applying for various jobs across India and abroad, but we have made it easy for you by providing some tips and tricks on how best to get placed after graduation from IMT!

To begin with, it is important to know what kind of job opportunities are available in different fields and also what kind of salaries students can expect once they land their dream job as well as where they might want to go based on their career goals. We hope this article helps answer these questions so that when such an opportunity presents itself later down the line (and hopefully sooner than later), then all efforts will be put into making sure they get themselves into positions where they excel at work while also enjoying their lives outside work hours too!


Manipal Institute of Technology Placements was good is a reputed institute that has almost all the required facilities to give a good placement opportunity to its students.


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