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Posted by Alyssa Harlow on September 8th, 2022

The Selerity Collection 4000 SFC was created particularly for splittings up done on microbore-loaded or capillary columns in petroleum testing equipment, in which a precision as well as pulse-free distribution of the mobile phase is necessary. All systems are equipped with a fire ionization detector IN PFPA, optional specialized detectors, a low quantity revolving shot shutoff, as well as a 10 mL high-pressure syringe pump IN PFPA. The Selerity Variation 4000 SFC makes use of a Microsoft Windows 10 PC-based Agilent OpenLAB EZChrom chromatography information system software for signal procurement along with complete tool control in petroleum testing equipment.

Distinct Features of the Selerity Collection 4000 IN PFPA which assist you on your petroleum testing equipment.

High-pressure syringe pump for PFPA and the Collection 4000

Provides the supercritical carbon dioxide by caring for the set stress; as a result of this, pulse-free anxiousness is provided throughout the column to the detector in PFPA, without any wetting called for petroleum testing equipment.

Simply a part of the co2 mobile phase is utilized for every assessment, together with the system, which is helium-free, reducing the overall cost per exam.
The lengthy life time for syringe pump seals and likewise check out shutoffs, in comparison to reciprocating pump developments in petroleum testing equipment.

The Selerity Collection 4000 Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph is strong, trusted, reproducible, as well as easy to use. Due to the fact that it makes use of co2 as the major mobile phase, supercritical liquid chromatography (SFC) is acknowledged as "environment-friendly" or sometimes modern development. SFC applications have environmental in PFPA and also set you back benefits compared to applications that require solvent mobile phases (HPLC) or helium (GC) in petroleum testing equipment.

What Is Supercritical Fluid fuel performance bench?

SFC Collection 4000 is a chromatographic technique in which the mobile stage is neither a gas neither a fuel performance bench, yet has residential or industrial residences of both for PFPA: formally a supercritical liquid. At tension as well as stress and anxiety in addition to temperature levels over its critical point, a gas end up being a supercritical liquid, as well as likewise, it has a density in addition to various other buildings that are intermediate in between those of gases in addition to in addition liquid in fuel performance bench.

An application that will definitely help you with spectroscopic analysis

An integrated software application that manages pump, cooktop, and also autosampler, in addition to an information purchase bundle with spectroscopic analysis.

Temperature-controlled tension as well as anxiety transducer for much better reproducibility.
10 mL syringe pump for pulse-free pressure-controlled flow along with also extremely little carbon dioxide use for petroleum spectroscopic analysis.

Massive capacity cooktop appropriate for any type of sort of type of column setup in petroleum spectroscopic analysis.

An extra independent column heating unit to enhance top type along with decline evaluation times in petroleum testing tools. Decreased dead amount injections as well as additionally column changing with Secure-- Fit ™ spectroscopic analysis.

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