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Posted by Linda Share on June 3rd, 2016

 Thatched roofs have witnessed an increased interest recently in the United Kingdom, but there are still many home owners who hesitate when it comes to thatched roofs because they fear these roofs are not long lasting.  Provided you opt for professional Thatched Roofing services you should no longer worry about this aspect, although you should know that Re-Thatching is a must at 6 to 8 years.

There is one thing we cannot deny; thatched roofs are attractive and they are among the oldest types of roofs that have managed to survive in this industry in the UK. These types of roofs are an important component of rural England, they are archetypal and numerous homes built in the countryside have thatched roofs. Over the years numerous materials have been used for Thatched Roofing such as oats, marsh reeds, broom, heather and various types of grass. At present the most common materials are long straw, combed wheat reed and water reed. Long straw provides a unique exterior appearance and it retains a shaggy look for many years to come.

Combed wheat has a trimmed design; it is applied in a different manner, being knocked into shape. Long straw on the other hand is placed in position and afterwards raked. Water reed is considered a superior material and for this reason it is more expensive than the other two previously mentioned. The appearance of thatched roofs differs according to the material used, but there are other aspects that influence the design of thatched roofs such as the detailing of eaves, dormers, ridges and surface decoration. There are different Thatched Roofing styles in the United Kingdom and regional variations are striking.

If you have decided to invest in such a roof, we should emphasize the need for Re-Thatching. Thatched should be replaced at regular intervals of time and this is why the appearance of thatched roofs suffers significant modifications throughout the years. Individuals who want to enjoy their roofs for many years to come should hire competent craftsmen with years of experience in this field. Thatch deteriorates with the passing of time, as moisture is retained on the surface of the coat. Thatch that is protected from water will last for a very long time.

Re-Thatching refers to stripping the old and damaged thatch from the roof. You should not postpone this process, as it will extend the lifespan of your thatched roof. Experts in this field know how to perform this task properly and they are familiar with the latest techniques used to re-thatch a roof so that it lasts for an extended period of time. In fewer words, it is in your best interest to have your roof re-thatched by experienced staff to avoid unpleasant surprises. As far as cost is concerned, you should contact professional roofers and they will offer you an estimate quote after conducting an on-site assessment of the roof’s condition.

We are among the best when it comes to Re-Thatching and we take great pride in the services we deliver. Visit our website for more Thatched Roofing information.

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