Enjoy gift card entertainment with a PSN gift card (or an iTunes one)

Posted by Brian Miller on June 3rd, 2016

Are you familiar with the PlayStation Store? If yes, then you have probably bought a PSN card before or at least heard of it. If you have not bought this card before, this is your chance to learn something about it. The item is not so different from other gift cards, including the iTunes gift card. However, it is unique in its own way addressing PlayStation game lovers more than anything. To purchase anything on the PlayStation store, you have to add funds to a virtual wallet and then the owner of the wallet can shop and play all he/she wants.

You will have to use a credit card or a debit card to add money to the wallet. PSN card buyers who want to use a credit or debit card should shop online. Alternatively, there are people who can find PlayStation Network Cards in local retail shops. Retail gift cards are normally found in different locations, allowing people to choose according to taste and to  fund them as much as they can afford. Each card consists of a 12-digit code, which is usually hidden with a silvery coat. Simply scratch this coat to view the code. Enter the code to redeem the card into the PSN store.

Some gift cards need to be bought from the same country as that of the account holder (the account belongs to the person who will use the card and it can be an ITunes account, Playstation account, etc). This is because some gift cards need to be regionally appropriate and it is thus easier to use bank cards from the same region for easier purchase (there will be no currency conversion fees). Gift cards can be purchased using a different currency, depending on the country of purchase (US dollars, Canadian or Australian Dollars, etc.) and a card can be assigned a different sum, based on what the buyer wishes and can afford.

Loading a wallet multiple times a month is fine. Since the cash loaded in the virtual wallet cannot be refunded, or transferred to another PSN card account holder, you, or whoever received the gift card, should use it.  As soon as you redeem the card’s value, the sum topped up on the cards is transferred to the PSN account. Then as you begin shopping for various items from the store, the amount will keep reducing until you cannot buy, unless you add more money. If you have a PlayStation account, go ahead and order your cards online – it is much easier this way! After this, you will be able to download games and other digital materials. Well you or whoever receives the gift card! The same happens if you opt for an iTunes gift card or another type of card. You, or the person who will receive this wonderful quick gift, will have easy access to a huge source of entertainment. It is all a few clicks away and saves you the hassle of real-life shopping from stores that are nowhere in your vicinity.

Our website gives you easy access to a variety of gift cards. So, whether you are interested in a PSN card or an iTunes gift card, you can buy either quickly and make someone’s day great with an amazing gift.

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