New Aviation Group Flies High with 4,500 Pilot Manual Orders

Posted by Marketer's Center on September 8th, 2022

Lynnwood, WA – From take-off less than two years ago, the Northstar Aviation References group is certainly reaching for the skies as thousands of pilots turn to it for critical pre-tabbed aviation guidance.

Northstar Aviation References, a small specialist group of pilots and general aviation enthusiasts in Washington State, have been instrumental in supplying student pilots, private pilots, and CFIs with a range of specialist pre-tabbed guides.

“We recently surpassed supplying 4,500 orders of aviation guides after being in business just 22 months,” commented a Group spokesperson. “We think helping nearly 5,000 pilots study for their licenses is a major accomplishment.”


Northstar Aviation References believes that success in the air starts with diligence on the ground. Its mission is to provide simple, durable, quality study tools to help pilots make the most of their time.

And that begins with having the latest all-important Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)/Aeronautical Information Manual to hand. The FARs are the rules of the road when it comes to flying but plowing through the regulations can be overwhelming when time is critical.

The body of the text is all the same. The common denominator is that these books are all reprintings of Federal Law.

Northstar's distinguishing factor is this: important regulations are referenced by succinctly, yet easily recognizable tabs. This means that every pilot is flying with the same rulebook- this one's just easier to navigate for new student pilots and pilots alike. 

Their plastic tabs are durable and laser printed so that you will always have pristine, legible tabs in your book. Don’t forget your FAR/AIM is going to travel around with you to and from lessons. Most tabs are going to get creased, wrinkled, and torn, and your writing could get smudged off.

Thirdly, they not only have tabs in the books, but they also correspond to colored dots on the page so you’ll be able to find the specific regulation on the page. As the FAR/AIM is a dense book, Northstar’s color-coordinating tabs and dots make it easy to find what you’re looking for when the pressure is on. 

With news that the FARS/AIM 2023 edition will be out late 2022, pilots are being urged to get their orders in early through Northstar. When it comes down to it - save yourself time and headache and order a pre-tabbed ASA FAR/AIM today.

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