Redeeming your Xbox gift card via a Microsoft account and Xbox Console

Posted by Brian Miller on June 3rd, 2016

It is easy to buy an Xbox gift card if you want it. This card is many people’s favourite because of the advantages it offers them. While at it, explore the Xbox Live Gold membership service. It will be great to not only boast the benefits of a regular card, but also those provided by a gold membership. They work on Windows or an Xbox system.

If you have never bought an Xbox gift card you may be wondering what you need it for. It is mainly because the card can let you find the best games and other forms of entertainment without limitation.  It lets you buy the latest music, television programs, games, movies and map packs at a very affordable rate. If you love viewing blockbuster games, just download them on your Xbox and watch them live. Although these may not be available daily, you can access them when they are.

Sold in small denominations, such as fifteen dollars, twenty-five dollars and fifty dollars, these cards are so convenient and fun to buy. The voucher code has up to twenty-five characters—letters and numbers. The code that is printed on a physical coupon has blocks of five characters at a time. If you have an expired or invalid payment mode or an outstanding balance in your account, a prepaid code cannot be activated in a browser. So you will have to pay the past balance you didn’t clear or renew your payment method to succeed.

All kinds of prepaid codes can be redeemed via a web browser, including an Xbox Live Gold membership subscription as long as you have none of the two issues described above. Simply go to Redeem code and then click sign in. You might have to log in with your Microsoft account and then redeem. It just depends on whether you are using Windows OS. If you carefully comply with Xbox terms and conditions you will be successful.  When you enter the entire 25-character code, choose ‘Confirm’.

If you think you have missed a detail or two, click cancel and re-enter the whole code. If you are using the game console from Xbox, you should move to Home and then scroll to the right to select store. Use a code under Games and then enter Xbox gift card code. It can be entered in two ways. First you could use a Kinect Sensor Solution offered by Xbox if you are trying to read a QR code. Alternatively, use your Kinect to read and only turn to the Xbox one if yours can do the job. On the other hand, if you have a 25-character code, enter it directly with the onscreen keyboard.

When you are done keying in the entire code, skipping the hyphens, choose enter and then confirm. A confirmation message will be sent when the redeeming process is completed well.

It could be that you have an Xbox 360 console. To redeem your card on this one, you should use your Microsoft account. Then, push your controller’s Guide button and choose Games and Apps followed by Redeem code. In no time you will have an Xbox Live Gold Membership and a code to enjoy using.

If you thought that getting an Xbox gift card is too difficult, relax. This website sells gift cards of all sorts. Just visit GiftCardsy and have fun with the Xbox Live Gold membership.

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