How is Telugu marriage different from other community marriage?

Posted by karan deep on September 9th, 2022

Telugu matrimony is considered the most interesting wedding, the ceremonies could last up to sixteen days. The wedding rituals vary depending on the castes of the bride and groom. The wedding is thought to be the social connection that is strongest among all of them. The goal is to spiritually unite two souls, thus creating the Gruhastaashramam home. As a result, this ceremony is regarded as being the most significant one in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The bride and groom must make the seven oaths and revolve around a sacred fire seven times. Additionally, ceremonies are established to guarantee that the bride and groom be wedded in the presence of the Panchabutaalu, the five basic elements of life: earth, sky, fire, water, and air.

Telugu weddings are similar to Tamil weddings in that regard. However, some rites and traditions distinguish Telugu matrimony from other cultures.

The following are some important things that make Telugu weddings different from other community weddings: 

  • The traditional Telugu wedding places more of an emphasis on spirituality and subliminal symbolism than many Indian traditional weddings, which also include religious rites. Telugu weddings are notable for the subtle emphasis placed on spirituality rather than just religion.
  • Any Telugu wedding is traditionally considered complete only if the women take part in the festivities. Telugu traditions treat women with the utmost respect and hold them in the same esteem as males when it comes to marriage and family life.
  • The typical decoration for a Telugu wedding will be eye-catching with a lot of expected themes, including Tirupati Balaji and Shree as the backdrop for the ceremony. The bridal canopy is typically lavishly decked out in "gold" and ornate, pretentious decorations. Another ostentatious event is nischitartham, the Telugu equivalent of a ring ceremony. Typically, the Nischitartham ceremony's grandeur is unmatched in terms of aesthetic quality.
  • The bride and groom take their Mangal snaanam, a ceremonial bath, the day before the wedding to symbolize the end of their single lives and the beginning of their wedded ones. After bathing the bride, the family's women offer Aarti to the gods. At her home, the bride worships Lord Ganesh and Goddess Gauri. She asks Gauri Mata for blessings so that she may enjoy a happy marriage. On the other side, the groom is required to wear the holy thread while being prepared for the wedding in his own home. Additionally, the groom conducts a Ganesh puja to fend off any ill karma or evil.

All these things make Telugu weddings unique from the other communities. In order to get more information regarding Telugu Matrimony, just log in with 


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