Argyle Pink diamond in Australia

Posted by Arif on September 10th, 2022

A pink diamond in Australia has a long and ongoing history with its all major argyle partners. A pink diamond in Australia is an independently audited statistic and it was analyzed by industry specialists to study and present the exact rarity statistics for all argyle-certified diamonds inscribed in Australia. A pink diamond in Australia is a program of only its kind which enables its clients to make an informed and confirmed decision when it is decided to purchase it. ADA utilizes contains the data for pink diamond specification. it is also necessary to examine the color, cut, clarity, and carat of pink diamonds from the Argyle mine. When the argyle mine was in the period of production then the average return for a pink diamond was 18.6% p.a.

How to buy pink diamonds certified by the argyle mine?  

It is very easy to buy pink diamonds in Australia which are certified by argyle mine. These diamonds have a long and ongoing history with their all argyle partners. Hence we have been offered premium diamonds in argyle mines history which means that we can purchase them directly from the source and we can sell them to the consumers at the lowest marketplace. Pink diamonds in Australia have the largest inventory of rare diamonds. A pink diamond in Australia provides diamond brokers, jewelers, and retailers to its consumer at the lowest market price. You can buy your expert consultants today by sending your inquiry or contact. Investing in pink argyle diamonds may be beneficial for trade.  

Suppliers of pink diamonds certified by argyle mine

Paying the market price for your pink diamond investment is the key to maximizing to return on your asset. In some cases, the sale of your pink diamonds can be at wholesale or market prices through a retail jeweler. You can secure your investment for the same price and it should not an inflated retail price. You can minimize the time which is required to see the return profit on your diamond investment. Since 1985, about 90% of natural pink diamonds was extracted from argyle's mines in Western Australia. Some of these pink diamonds were retained, polished, and certified as the highest quality examples of pink diamonds which came from the argyle. The other 10% of pink diamonds were extracted from mines 9in Russia and Canada. This 10% of pink diamonds were sold globally and is not sourced from the Argyle mine.

Research by GIA for pink diamonds

According to the research by GIA, all pink diamonds are divided into two classes. One of them is type IA and the other is type IIA. Pink diamonds from argyle mine are exclusively typed IA and all others belong to type IIA. It has become a most common question “is the pink diamond a good investment?"

Color grades for pink diamonds:

The best color grades for pink diamonds are purplish pink and pink rose which are visible to the naked eye. The color saturation for these diamonds is near about 1 to 6.

Shaping of pink diamonds

 It is very easy and wiser to shape pink diamonds. You can choose traditional fancy cuts such as pear, marquise, radiant, oval, heart, and cushion or round brilliant shape. The reason behind these diamonds is that these diamonds' shapes are more desirable as compared to others and are better known. We can get greater profit from these modified fancy shapes.

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