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Posted by Danyking on June 4th, 2016

Hello, all ESO players. With the release of Dark Brotherhood DLC, there comes an update concerning crafting bags. Crafting bags are so awesome for two aspects. But there are some convenience issues. Here Safewow gives you a brief analysis. For cheapest ESO gold 2016, Safewow is your first and best choice.

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You don’t need to visit the bank to deposit anything after dungeon runs.

The moment you have ESO+ all crafting items in your bank and bags of the character you logged the first time, go to that crafting bank. Log all your characters to get rid of the crafting items in their bags. Loot all and everything goes automatically to that crafting bank. And when your subscription runs out, everything in the crafting bank stays there! You can only add to the crafting bank while in ESO+ mode. Getting stuff out requires no sub.

You don’t need to worry about inventory issues about crafting materials again.

Anything that can be used in crafting automatically goes in that bag. It is account-wide and is practically unlimited in storage space so you never have to worry about inventory issues with regards to crafting materials again.

Inconvenience issues when trying to buy and sell crafting materials need fixing.

All of the crafting materials get immediately deposited into your personal crafting bags. Before selling an item, you need to retrieve it from the delivery letter, go to your crafting inventory, and then split the stack manually to whatever amount that you purchase for reselling. Besides, you cannot list items for sale at the guild trader directly from your crafting bags. So once you’ve split the stack, you also need to withdraw them to your personal inventory. In addition, when you switch maps, all crafting materials in your personal inventory get deposited again into your crafting bags. If you realize that you forget something or for whatever reason decide to do it later, you will have to do all of that previous work again.

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