Air Conditioning Not Turning On- Is It Time for AC repair in Rocky Mount and Goldsboro, NC?

Posted by comfortmasternc on September 11th, 2022

Weather conditions are nowadays highly unpredictable. Monsoon spells are dry, winters are freezing, and summers are too hot to bear. Such extreme conditions have made human beings rely more on the HVAC unit. A non-working heating unit in the Winter or a non-functional ac unit in the middle of scorching summer can be the worst-case scenario for any homeowner or commercial space owner. The ac unit especially needs to work right during the summer. Unfortunately, many complaints regarding the ac not working or turning on during the summer are standard issues. Calling for a technician who can handle any air conditioning in Edenton and Ahoskie, NC, is the wise decision as trying one’s hands at it can invite more trouble.

The first and foremost thing to do is to understand why the ac is not turning on. Following are things that can be responsible for the ac not working:

The thermostat settings can be wrong- For the ac unit to work right, the thermostat setting should be set to ‘cool.’ Also, the desired temperature on the thermostat should be lower than that of the current room temperature. The fan should be set to ‘auto’ or ‘on.’ The auto settings will make the fan only run when the ac is cooling air. The on setting will make the fan run non-stop even if the ac is not cooling the air. A blank thermostat might require new batteries. The technician will also check for any issue that might have tripped the circuit breaker.

An issue in the circuit breaker panel: An air conditioning unit runs on power, drawing it from the electrical circuits. If there is a power surge, then the circuit breaker can trip and prevent electricity from flowing through the circuit. This can prevent the ac from turning on. A tripped circuit breaker will turn the switch from the ‘on’ to the ‘off’ position. This will need to be reset.

The power switches on the ac unit are not on- Simple things often tend to get overlooked. The power switches on the ac unit need to be the same. Both the power switches need to be ‘on’ for the ac to work correctly.

Dirt and debris hampering the outdoor unit- It is always not the indoor unit that can be causing the trouble. Often the outdoor unit can cause AC repair in Rocky Mount and Goldsboro, NC. The technicians will check for plants, leaves, or debris blocking the outdoor unit. If there is a blockage, then the ac will tend to overheat and turn off. There should be at least two feet of clearance around the unit and several feet of vertical clearance for proper airflow.

Dirty air filters: Air filters play a significant role in the functioning of the ac unit. Often, dirty air filters are the culprit behind restricting airflow and straining the ac to produce optimum cooling. This can shoot the monthly energy bills and also damage the ac unit. Frequent repairs can result from this too. Hence, if required, dirty air filters should be cleaned and replaced every three months.

All these reasons can contribute to the ac unit not working correctly or not turning on at all. It is better to get a professional to look at the problem areas before things get out of hand.

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