If You Live In Or Near Brighton, It Could Be Time To Head To The Pilates Studio

Posted by Liz Seyi on September 12th, 2022

Within just a few short years (or should that be long years?), a lot has changed about the formats in which fitness classes are commonly offered. It is well-established by now that the COVID-19 pandemic upended our world in ways both expected and unexpected, and one of those profound changes was certainly the rise to prominence of online and ‘on-demand’ classes. 

But what about now, in 2022, with a New Year just a few tantalising months away? The situation might have changed significantly for you again. You may have long returned to the office after those strange (but for some people, thrilling) months through the coronavirus lockdowns working from home. Or even if you are still working remotely, you might be keen to give yourself a change of scenery to help keep yourself motivated for your health and fitness kick. 

This brings me neatly onto the subject of in-person Pilates classes in Brighton, and the differences between these and the online options out there. Of course, I am extremely proud of Brighton Pilates’ own On-Demand service; it allows those who might not always even be in Brighton and Hove to benefit from some of the locality’s best Pilates classes, online, and at times to suit them. 

What can you expect from my in-person Pilates classes in Brighton? 

None of the above, however, should lead us to conclude that group or private in-person classes don’t continue to be extremely valuable for many people. For great numbers of people of all levels of Pilates experience, being able to walk into a physical studio – such as Yellowave in Brighton, where all my live classes currently take place – is still a boon. You might feel that, as useful as online classes can be, there’s nothing quite like a face-to-face class, and I wouldn’t disagree with you. 

If an in-person Pilates class does sound like something you would like to experience – and you live and/or work close enough to Brighton to take advantage – you would be very welcome to join us. As you will see when browsing the Brighton Pilates website, I run group mat classes as well as 1:1 and 1:2 sessions, so whatever your preferences are as far as in-person Pilates classes in Brighton are concerned, I am confident of being able to cater to them for you. 

Group mat classes, of course, are great for feeling the camaraderie with other learners as you continue your Pilates journey, whatever stage of your journey you might happen to be at. But classical studio 1:1 sessions do offer the advantage of a programme that can be tailor-made to your particular needs. The latter typically works on the basis of a consistent weekly slot, which will help you plan your Pilates classes around your other commitments (after all, COVID-19 doesn’t seem to have stopped the ‘workaholic’ culture for many of us!). 

With a brand new studio in Portslade set to be opened by us in the autumn, and our on-demand classes continuing to be so useful and relevant to many learners’ needs, when you choose Brighton Pilates, you can be sure of all the options you need in order to take on Pilates – and stick to it – over the months ahead. Whichever of our Pilates classes in Brighton or online you choose, we would be delighted for you to join us! 

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