How Can Potential Buyers Best Decide Between Canon’s New Imageprograf GP Series Printer Models

Posted by Liz Seyi on September 12th, 2022

We are proud here at Prizma Graphics to be able to make available the GP-200, GP-300, GP-2000, and GP-4000 machines that constitute Canon’s ImagePROGRAF GP Series of printers. Choose any of these models, and you will be benefitting from a formidable six-colour or 11-colour printer, with all of them incorporating a fluorescent pink ink.

But beyond the above, what are the main factors that would cause you to choose one of these new Canon printer models over the others?

The key differences between the GP-200, GP-300, GP-2000, and GP-4000

If you were to opt for the Canon ImagePROGRAF GP-200 24 or GP-300 36, in both cases, you would be getting a sophisticated six-colour printer that you would be able to count on for the fast production of premium-quality posters and banners for such purposes as point of sale and education.

However, for many users, what might be especially attractive is the fact that the ImagePROGRAF GP Series is the first range of printers to have been awarded a “PANTONE-calibrated” licence for “PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated”, which includes fluorescent and pastel colours.

On top of this, the GP-2000 and GP-4000 machines achieve almost total coverage of the “PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated” that sees use in wide-ranging applications such as printing and design.

All of this means that with any of the aforementioned GP Series devices, you will be able to achieve an impressive 97% coverage of the “PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated”. So, whether you will be printing for an application that calls for particularly bright and eye-catching colour, or instead calmer and softer shades, you will be well-served by any of these models.

If you were to acquire the Canon ImagePROGRAF GP-2000 24” A1 11-colour poster printer, though – or its GP-4000 44” 1118mm bigger sibling – you would be able to go even further. Specifically, these printers can both deliver the aforementioned 97% coverage of the “PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated”, but with their new and expanded ink-set, they are also capable of providing 99% coverage of the “PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated”.

So, with either the GP-2000 or GP-4000, you will be able to achieve everything that users of the GP-200 and GP-300 can, but with the added peace of mind of knowing your printer will be perfectly suited to colour critical applications requiring the most faithful replication of colours for the likes of logos, packaging, and branding.

11 colours make for an expanded scope of printing possibilities

It is at the highest end of the Canon ImagePROGRAF GP Series range, then, where the greatest ambitions can be realised for all manner of highly demanding applications.

The GP-2000 and GP-4000 models of this highly regarded range are the world’s first aqueous pigment large-format printers that incorporate 10 colours, plus fluorescent pink ink. Those 10 colours encompass four newly developed red, orange, green and violet inks, thereby expanding the range of colour reproduction to achieve the largest colour gamut for the entire Canon ImagePROGRAF Series.

Having said that, it is important to acknowledge that the GP-200 and GP-300 devices are also impressive in this regard; indeed, all four printers use “Radiant Infusion” technology to layer the fluorescent pink ink with other inks on the surface of the paper during printing. This allows for the achievement of both bright and soft colour reproduction.

The combination of such capability and the bundled PC software “PosterArtistLite” – again across all four GP Series printers – allows for the easy creation of high-impact posters.

Would you appreciate more in-depth advice and assistance when you come to buy?

With the above being just some of the capabilities and features that set out the Canon ImagePROGRAF GP-200, GP-300, GP-2000, and GP-4000 from each other and their broader industry competitors, we recognise that you might feel a little overwhelmed when you are attempting to narrow down your options.

Our team at Prizma Graphics would be pleased to help you find the printers and/or media that represent the best match to your circumstances, needs, and intended application. Simply get in touch with us today, via phone or email, for further information and advice.


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