Ayurveda: The Natural Cure to Neurological Disorders

Posted by Sree Prathama Ayurvedam on September 12th, 2022

Why go for an Ayurvedic Treatment?

The mind has the power to fill the body up or empty it. According to Ayurveda, too much Vata Dosha in the human body might lead to neurological disorders. The body tends to produce more Vata when the mind is overstimulated, which might result in neurological disorders such as paralysis. Excess Vata results in forgetfulness and poor memory.

Since Ayurveda has always been associated with life, the treatment has earned the moniker "Ayusya Bhramanam," which translates to "treatment that preserves life," indicating its effectiveness in treating neurological disorders.

Without a doubt, the only effective treatment for paralysis is the Ayurvedic care of neurological disorders. When compared to all other forms of treatment, Ayurveda is not only shown to be quite effective in this case, but also to be very inexpensive.

What should you, as a patient, do now?

Doctors at Sreeprathama Ayurvedam Clinic R.T. Nagar are aware of the kind of life that neurological disorders force you to live with. Through treatment, they hope to restore your former way of life. The majority of the time, the therapies are risk-free, efficient, and have no negative side effects. In certain cases, they may even completely eliminate your problems.

Ayurvedic care of neurological disorders, known as Panchakarma, is dependent on the site of the body, complexion, and type of symptoms or condition. It is a successful method for treating paralysis and regaining lost muscle strength.

Every individual is unique. Doctors at Sreeprathama Ayurvedam Clinic R.T. Nagar do their best to come up with various therapies that will cater to each patient's specific requirements.

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