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Posted by Sharon Anderson on September 13th, 2022

Australia is one of the countries, which host a large number of worldwide students. A number of students from different parts of the world choose Australia for their higher education. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, and a number of cities in this country are offering quality education to students.

One of the popular cities in Australia offering higher education to international students is Brisbane. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland State of Australia. Besides, it is the third-most populous city in Australia and Oceania. The city attracts a lot of tourists every day. Besides, a large number of international students come to Brisbane to acquire post-secondary education.

There are campuses of numerous universities in Brisbane. The three major universities, which are headquartered in Brisbane, are the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, and Griffith University. Besides, there are two universities, which are not headquartered in Brisbane but have multiple campuses in the city. These universities are the University of Southern Queensland and the University of Sunshine Coast.

For the students who come from abroad to study here, there are a variety of places for student accommodation Brisbane available. One of the major places, which we are going to discuss in this article, is Scape Tribune

Scape Tribune offers a variety of accommodations as well as useful amenities.

Variety of Accommodations

Studios, ensuite rooms, and apartments are three major types of student accommodations in the present scenario. Both these types are available in Scape Tribune. These types have further their own categories.

Scape Tribune is prominently an apartment-based property and you find the studios and ensuite rooms also in the student apartments Brisbane.

Studios have been divided into two categories, which are Large Studio Apartment and Large Studio Apartment – Views. In the ensuite rooms, you find three categories, which are 6 Bedroom Apartment, 5 Bedroom Apartment, and 4 Bedroom Apartment. In apartments, there are two types – 4 X Twin Bunk Apartment and 8 X Twin Apartment.

All these units have a wide range of amenities. A number of amenities can also be found in the property complex.

Fun & Entertainment in the Property Complex

Fun and entertainment are necessary for mental relaxation. Therefore, some excellent facilities are provided to students in the property complex for these purposes.

For the fun of students, a games room is available in the complex where you find video gaming consoles and a pool table.

On the other hand, a cinema is also available for individuals for facilitating them to watch movies without going outside.

Computer Lab and Wi-Fi Internet

Computers and internet are needed by students in every phase of their education. Therefore, there are arrangements of computers and internet in this property complex. There is a computer lab available with a number of computers. Students can use computers and the internet in this lab.

Besides, a Wi-Fi internet connection is also available in every unit of Scape Tribune. Therefore, you can connect the internet to all your gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Gym for Fitness

Fitness is necessary for a healthy mind. So, a gym is also available in the property complex. The gym comprises all the modern machines with advanced technologies. So, you can do bodybuilding, keep your body in shape, and stay fit.

Common Area for Befriending Other Residents of the Property

Scape Tribune also has a common here, where you can meet other residents of the property. Therefore, it makes it easier for you to befriend other residents. You can meet other residents in the common area and can make them friends. It is also a place where you can meet the residents whom you are already befriended with.

A common area is also an excellent place where students can help each other in their studies.

Outdoor Courtyard and Rooftop Terrace for Roaming in Fresh Air

Fresh air is a major source of good health. This property provides an outdoor courtyard to residents where they can roam freely and can get fresh air.

In addition, a rooftop terrace has also been provided to students where also they can wander and can enjoy the fresh air from the top.

Study Features

The study is the major purpose of international students in Brisbane. Therefore, study features are their utmost requirement. Study desks and chairs have been provided to students where they can read and write comfortably and in the right posture. There is also a study room available for studying without disturbance.

Moreover, bookshelves are also available in all the units where students can keep their books and other study material.

The computer lab and Wi-Fi internet mentioned in one of the previous sections can also be considered as study features.  

Property Is Fully Secured

A secure door entry is provided to each student living in this property. CCTV cameras are also installed in order to detect suspicious activities.

To Sum Up

In a nutshell, Scape Tribune provides the features for fun, fitness, studies, and all other requirements of students.

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