The Importance of Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets in Las Vegas and Spring Valley, NV

Posted by kitchenandbathremodeling on September 13th, 2022

A bathroom remodeling does not have to be expensive. One can even give their old bathroom a beautiful makeover with simple ideas. One needs to be smart, and it is possible to achieve that luxurious bathroom that one has always envisioned that too within budget. These are simple ideas to consider for bathroom renovations in Las Vegas and Spring Valley, NV.

Make smart choices regarding tiles- Homeowners can splurge a bit on the bathroom without budget constraints. Designer tiles can be installed on the floors, and affordable tiles can go on the walls. Homeowners can also opt for handcrafted tiles as accents. These can be used with cheaper tiles to conjure a contemporary look.

Go with the right flooring- In the process of changing the floors, if it is found that there are old floorboards underneath, and they are in good condition, then it is better not to discard them altogether. Instead, restore the old floorboards to create a rustic feel. If it is plain concrete, then one can choose to polish the same to achieve an urban feel. In terms of cost, these are cheaper compared to laying expensive tiles.

Go for half tiles, half painting- Many homeowners opt for flooring to ceiling tiling. This can increase the budget. If that is something out of one's hand, then it is better to opt for half tile, half paint. The older tiles can also be repainted for a new look. While buying the paint, however, make sure that it is mold resistant for the walls and ceiling and which are perfect to go on ceramic tiles.

Go for second-hand furnishings- Second-hand things do not necessarily mean poor quality. One has to do a little research to find good quality second-hand furnishings. If the homeowner does not mind going with second-hand furnishings or end-of-line items, then that can help with going for new fixtures but at a slashed price. Vintage dressers or vanity tables are good buys. They will contribute significantly to changing the look of the bathroom. At the same time, one can also go for a single, fabulous piece like a bathtub and choose the accessories to complement that one.

Refresh rather than replace- During a bathroom renovation, the homeowner doesn't need to go to change everything in the bathroom. Instead, one can choose to refresh most of the accessories rather than replace them completely. One can resurface the porcelain, bathtub and shower, and vanity. The grout between the tiles can be redone and the caulk replaced between the shower and the tiled floor.

Choose the right lights- A contemporary bathroom must have the right lights to create the proper effect. Old slimline lights pre-fitted in the bathroom can be done away with more modern wall lights and pendant lights.

Another thing to remember during a bathroom renovation is to opt for maximum storage. As much as kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas and Spring Valley, NV, maximize the storage space, incorporating bathroom cabinets can also help store the bath essentials, toiletries, extra towels, and more.

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