What Is a Passenger Airbag?

Posted by buyautoparts on September 13th, 2022

passenger airbag is a device that inflates when a vehicle occupant is in a crash. Its volume and vent size are designed to distribute deceleration forces over the body of the occupant. The volume and vent size are tailored to the size and type of vehicle. This is done in a variety of ways to minimize the impact of a collision on the occupant.

Disable passenger airbag for children

When a passenger is under the age of 13, it is necessary to disarm the passenger airbag. This way, if a child is riding in the front seat, the driver will not be affected by an impact. A rear-facing child seat must be installed after disabling the passenger airbag.

To disable the passenger airbag, locate the switch by the passenger-door. It will either be a switch located in the glovebox, or in the instrument panel near the passenger door. A sticker placed behind the front passenger visor will help remind you to disable it. If you are driving with a child, it is essential to disconnect the car battery cable to prevent the airbag from detonating.

The passenger airbag is a very important safety feature of a vehicle. If it is activated by accident without the seat belt being worn, the child can be seriously injured or killed. Disabling the passenger airbag in this case can result in a PS500 fine.

Roll-sensing airbags

A roll-sensing passenger airbag is a great way to protect yourself in an automobile accident. These airbags are different from standard side curtain airbags because they're designed to stay inflated for a longer period of time. Moreover, they cover a larger area of the window and can help prevent occupants from being ejected from the vehicle. Typically, they're found in pickup trucks and SUVs, which are more prone to rollover accidents. In the event of an emergency, roll-sensing airbags can be turned off for safe off-road driving.

The sensors for these airbags can be electrical or mechanical, and their designs vary widely. For example, one type of electromechanical airbag sensor uses a metal ball inside a tube, which rolls forward and hits a switch, completing an electrical circuit. Another type uses a spring-loaded weight or metal roller. Some newer models also incorporate an accelerometer.

Side-curtain airbags

Side-curtain airbags are a great way to protect passengers in a side-impact crash. They protect occupants from the interior side walls of the vehicle and help to prevent ejection. These airbags are commonly found in SUVs and pickup trucks.

While side-curtain airbags are a relatively new innovation, they have already proven to be valuable and versatile. You can check the side-curtain airbags in your vehicle by looking for the little airbag emblem in your roof or pillar. The emblem may also carry the acronym SRS or SIR. Side-curtain airbags were introduced by manufacturers like Autoliv in 2007, after the NHTSA raised its standards for side-impact collisions.

Side-curtain airbags are a supplemental airbag system that deploys a curtain with inflated sections inside the windows. They help protect passengers from head injuries by preventing ejection. However, they are still not a substitute for traditional airbags.

Bag-in-Roof airbags

Bag-in-Roof airbags are an alternative to dashboard-mounted passenger airbags. The design allows for more design freedom and can be installed in vehicles with a variety of vehicle architectures. This type of airbag has some advantages over dashboard-mounted airbags, including a more convenient glove compartment and easier installation.

These airbags can inflate in multiple directions and provide full coverage of the passenger and the front and rear seats. These airbags are also useful for solo drivers. These airbags are designed to reduce the chance of occupants being ejected from a vehicle during a rollover or side-impact crash.

Seat-cushion airbags

Seat-cushion airbags are safety devices that deploy during a collision, protecting passengers on the front and side of the vehicle. During a front impact, the airbag inflates in the front seats, stopping the occupant from sliding forward and sustaining serious injuries. Toyota is a leading manufacturer of airbags and is actively researching the next generation of preventive safety technology.

Seat-cushion airbags work by reducing the force on the front passenger's chest and abdomen in a frontal collision. Seat-cushion airbags are also used in the back seats of some vehicles, providing head protection for rear passengers. Seat-cushion airbags come standard on the Toyota Yaris, and Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to include them in its next-generation S-Class.

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