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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

More and more, consumers are becoming just as interested in the label associated with their reward credit card as they are with the interest rate, possible annual fees, and rewards. After all, credit cards were once very nondescript with nothing special separating one from the other but the Visa or MasterCard logo in the bottom right hand corner.

Looking for Unique

Today, many consumers are looking for reward credit cards with flair, personality, and a unique quality. Of course, consumers are still interested in receiving a great deal with their reward credit cards and, for the most part, won't be willing to give up quality for a pretty picture. Nonetheless, the offerings of credit cards are becoming more and more competitive as they fight each other for customers. Therefore, many of the best reward credit cards offer a variety of different styles to the consumer in order to attract them to their card. In some cases, the designs may indicate a different type of card with different benefits. In other cases, the same type of card may have many design options to choose from.

Breaking the Mould

The first credit card to offer an intriguing design was the Discover Card. This occurred over twenty years ago when their sunburst design crashed into the market. Since all credit cards looked pretty much the same at the time, the design on the Discover Card was considered to be quite revolutionary. In addition, it garnered a great deal of attention from consumers. Understandably, other cards followed suit.

Following the Trend

Today, most reward credit cards offer attractive and fun designs. Nonetheless, Discover Card continues to lead the charge. Understanding that a single design is not going to please everyone, Discover offers more design choices than any other reward credit card. They have many wild designs, ranging from fun and colorful to professional and demure.

Discover's variety of options began when it launched its clear card option for those who were applying for the card. At this time, it offered a credit card with a translucent blue background with a bright lighter blue grid pattern on top. After this design caught on in popularity, Discover decided to start offering more designs for all of their cards, including reward credit cards.

Today's Designs

Today, Discover offers a patriotic American Flag card, which was launched after the 9/11 attacks. It also currently offers an entire line of sea life and wildlife cards that include images of animals such as a bald eagle, a tiger, and a killer whale. Their designs also include artistic designs, see-through cards, and other cards with a natural or patriotic theme. When selecting from rewards credit cards, you do not have quite as many design choices as you would if you were not limiting yourself to a certain type of card. Nonetheless, you will still have different designs to choose from in order to make the card unique to your personal taste and lifestyle.

Of course, Discover is not the only company to provide special designs for their reward credit cards. If you look through other available reward credit cards, you will be sure to find a number of designs being offered by other companies. Nonetheless, Discover Card is none for the flexibility it provides to its customers when it comes to choosing the design that suits them best.

Keeping the Rewards

Although you may decide to go with a reward credit card with your own personal label, it doesn't mean you have to give up the benefits. Regardless of the design you choose, all Discover reward credit cards provide 5% cash back rebates. You can also earn more rewards by purchasing items from restaurants, grocery stores, home improvement stores, and bookstores. With these cards, you can look stylish and earn rewards all at the same time.

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