GJEL Earns Recognition as Top Bay Area Law Firm

Posted by Marketer's Center on September 14th, 2022

Personal injury lawyers often receive criticism, but the personal injury lawyers Gillen, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen, and Lucey, who make up the firm GJEL, put any notions of that sort to rest. In honor of their work, GJEL has been recognized by the San Francisco Examiner as one of the top Bay Area law firms.


The firm's success stories have resulted in both courtroom victories and generous settlements for its clients. Although past outcomes do not guarantee present successes, the firm's track record, at the very least, shows its determination to exceed what is required by the canons. The firm is also dedicated to educating the public about that to which it is entitled in the case of personal injury or death.


Personal injury lawsuits can be stressful. GJEL strives to make the process as hassle-free as possible as can be seen by the various testimonials the firm provides. To that end, the firm will maintain communication with all applicable insurance companies, liaise with police departments, collect evidence germane to its clients' cases, and hold negotiations with other interested parties.


As conscientious personal injury attorneys, the firm makes no guarantees. It does, however, pursue all possible avenues toward a successful conclusion to its clients' cases.


California law has some complexities that might hinder someone's case. For example, shared fault means that even one of the firm's clients might have some culpability for any accident that causes the personal injury. Any damages awarded by the court would then be reduced by a percentage equal to the person's share of the fault.


A good example would be a person not checking for oncoming traffic despite having a green light. Someone then runs the red light in the other direction. The person who didn't look could be held to be a tiny bit responsible for the accident, although this is not assured.


As the best Bay Area personal injury law firm, GJEL has shown that it is fully aware of and informed about these intricacies of California law. For that reason, the firm is well-placed to argue on its clients' behalf in all manner of personal injury law. There will be times, however, when someone dies.


In these cases of wrongful death lawsuits, there are other things to consider in addition to shared fault. There are also federal and local ordinances to consider. How each law affects each other law, and which supersedes which, is something best left to the best lawyers in San Francisco. GJEL is proud to have been included in this group.


Wrongful death lawyers must be the most compassionate, understanding, and kind lawyers there are. Their clients will be distraught, frustrated, and seemingly lost. GJEL has shown just these kind and understanding qualities in the past.


The best thing to do when considering which personal injury lawyers or wrongful death lawyers to hire is to check references, speak with former clients, if permissible, and to look at a firm's professional associations, accomplishments, and history of results. GJEL has a proud history of both results and professional awards, and this latest naming as the best lawyers in San Francisco just lends credence to the point.


To contact the firm: 220 Montgomery St. Suite 2100, San Francisco, CA 94105, email them at lawfirm@gjel.com, or call 855-508-9565.

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