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Posted by Janet Gee on September 14th, 2022

What is Google Garage? 

            For those who haven’t heard of it before, Google Garage is an online course outlet specialising on online growth. As part of the “grow with google” programme implemented in 2015, Google Garage provides free online courses that help you digitalise your business. The courses are free of charge and cover multiple topics, all helping you to improve your digital skills.

Taking your career online 

            It’s no secret that we are living in a digital era. More so than ever before we rely on technology to help our day to day lives. Although I personally like to think of myself as not driven by the need to be online, upon reflection, I still rely on technology every day. Furthermore, technology now plays a huge role in my working life. My work is primarily done online now. Whereas in previous roles, I would try and keep my screen time to a minimum. That being said, I wasn’t enjoying those roles, I wasn’t headed in the direction I wanted my life to go in. As a creative individual I wanted to share things with others. The best way to get my work to reach the many, was to take my work online Here I can share things globally at the click of a button.


How does Google Garage effect this? 

            With the ever-increasing inclusion of technology within our lives, its important that we understand how to apply this technology in a way that benefits us. More recently, we have seen the implementation of artificial technology, otherwise known as AI. At a first glance, this can be a scary concept, but this need not be a concern. The best way to tackle the fear of the unknown, is to embrace it. Therefore, it is with that mentality in mind, that Google Garage offers courses with the aims of increasing technological understanding. This then gives us the knowledge we need to best use this technology to improve our lives. With the correct application, processes and systems such as AI, coding and programming and digital marketing can in fact be very beneficial to our careers, and in turn, our lives.

What can you learn through Google Garage? 

            At time of publication, there are three main areas covered by the courses within Google Garage. These are: digital marking, career development and data and tech. The courses are delivered via online learning videos that help teach you the fundamentals of these topics and how to apply them to your business. Each topic contains several modules, and thanks to the course flexibility, you can pick them up and learn them when you decide you want to.

Digital Marketing

            For those of you who have already studied digital marketing, or explored the topic slightly, you will already know that there is a lot to learn. Google garage helps teach you the fundamentals of digital marketing. The courses have been described as basic, but well rounded. In instances such as this, basic is in no way a criticism. Digital marketing itself should be seen as an umbrella term, and even just a basic understanding of what it includes can help set you up for success in the future.

Career Development

            As we enter an increasingly digital world, our personal behaviours need to adapt to meet new ideals. Google Garage helps by providing useful online lessons in how to improve yourself to better suit an online environment. The courses covered in this module include working on areas such as personal productivity, public speaking, and digital wellbeing. Although these on the whole, may seem like personal skills that can be developed offline, these courses help whilst integrating the use of technology. Career development courses online help you increase personal skills whilst using technology in a way that is going to be greatly beneficial as we continue our journey into a digital world.

Data and Technology

            Finally, the data and technology module can help you understand modern technology and its uses within the modern world. Terms such as programming and coding can instil stress within even the most technological of mind. Yet without such skills, we wouldn’t be online in the first place. Google Garage offers numerous courses that help you to understand the essentials within these topics. It’s not as in-depth as a full-time degree course in coding or programming but it can help support you in the basic understanding of the application of such systems, and how they can help you take your business online.

What is Google Garage’s downfall?

            Although the courses themselves are beneficial, they do have their disadvantages. Firstly, although detailed, the courses only offer a basic understanding. If you are looking to become a professional in digital marketing, you will need more qualifications then the one Google Garage can offer. The same applies to if you are looking to enter the career of coding or programming. You will need a much higher level of understanding. Additionally, you will also need a higher professional qualification, such as a diploma or a degree.

            Secondly, the courses provided are very Google orientated. Although sign up is free of charge, as is access to the courses, you are required to create a google account to access them. Although this is a non-profit organisation, there needs to be a benefit to the company somewhere. The majority of courses link into further applications within Google or require further google technology to be able to really feel the benefit of what you have learnt. For those who are not this way inclined, this can be a big hinderance.

What alternatives are there?

            Although they may not include free content, there are multiple course providers online that can offer similar training to that provided by Google Garage. The courses are often a little more specific in the content that they deliver. The world of online courses can easily take you out of your comfort zone. Hence why Google may seem like the appropriate choice. However, with a little exploration, you will find courses that are equally as accessible and perhaps a little more tailored to your personal needs. Course providers such as Reed and Udemy act as a host to many educational bodies and can cover vast areas of content. On the other hand, you have course providers such as the College of Contract Management. They offer courses specific to a few areas, each of which gives an in-depth exploration into the field.


If you are looking to expand your skillset or learn something new, there are multiple course providers available that can help support your learning journey. If you are looking for a basic understanding of multiple things, Google Garage may be right for you. However, if you are looking for a more in-depth comprehension of a topic, finding a course through providers such as the College of Contract Management is on the whole a better option.

The course they offer provides a detailed exploration into the world of digital marketing. The content is easy to learn but still informative and gives you a complete overview of the subject. For those looking to start a serious career in such an industry, my advice would to be complete a google course as a free taster. Then you can sign up to a detailed course. This course will then provide you with the academic qualifications you need to get started in your career.

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