Facts About Manufacturing Insurance in Delta and Wauseon, OH

Posted by behnkeinsurance on September 15th, 2022

The need for being covered by a good insurance plan is well known. While most individuals worry about buying life, medical, and auto insurance, the uncommon insurance options occasionally get completely overlooked. Each individual should take stock of their assets and resources and then keep them protected from ensuing risks that seem to be plausible. The owner of a small factory or a business owner who creates and sells products to the existing market may find it essential to consider buying manufacturing insurance in Delta and Wauseon, OH.

Sure, the final product depends on the manufacturer's skills, and no one can take the rights away from the owner. Unfortunately, multiple factors may add to the risk of something going wrong, resulting in a loss for all concerned. Moreover, the manufacture of specific products is held in high esteem because of the demand it has created in the market. Failure to meet the demand by supplying quality products as and when required goes a long way in ensuring profitability.

The following risks may be felt regardless of the industry that the manufacturer works:

  •  Failure of the product to wow the target audience
  •  Inadvertent bodily harm or emotional ill health caused by using the product
  •  An entire product batch being recalled for failure to comply with the standards or low quality
  •  Shutting down of the facilities for weeks or months due to various reasons

It is indeed heartening to know that a good manufacturing insurance policy can help in all of the above scenarios and provide additional support during times of need. However, it is also vital for a prospective insurance buyer to be aware of the facts before requesting a quote from insurance carriers. Some of the points that need to be discussed at length with an insurance agent/broker before signing the documents must include the following:

General Liability -This coverage will vary for different manufacturers as the plan will be based on specifics, including the risks involved in business operations that may result in bodily harm and/or property damage for others who may or may not be customers.

Products Liability- This is an essential inclusion and a must-have for manufacturers. Physical injury, illness, or death caused by the consumption of the product is sure to result in several lawsuits filed against the business owner. Products deemed hazardous and with a high-risk need to be covered with specific product liability in addition to general liability.

Manufacturers' E&O- While inadvertent injury and illness, and property damage are covered by liability clauses, the resultant financial damage caused to the buyer and distributor of the said product is not included. This makes it necessary to opt for the E&O coverage that includes all activities that may result in financial loss for others.

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