Reasons To Hire a Mold Specialist in Naples and Tampa, FL

Posted by Anthony Lenard on September 15th, 2022

Moving into a new home is a proud moment for thousands of new homeowners who had saved every dime to afford their property. Sure, the external appearance of a resale property is spruced up to resemble a new construction house. An old home located in a humid area may come with a host of threats that can affect one’s life adversely. Certain tell-tale indications reveal the presence of mold and mildew inside, however. It is imperative to get rid of this danger once and for all. Acting in guesswork is a strict no-no. It is essential to contact professionals, such as mold specialists in Naples and Tampa, FL, to conduct a thorough inspection of the interiors and surroundings and proceed with remediation as and when required.

Being well aware of what to expect when one is in a house overrun with molds is essential. Strangely, not all homes harbor visible molds that are experts at concealing themselves. The sight of a few spores flying past may raise the first suspicion. Other signs that make one think of molds instantly are a musty and stale odor encompassing the entire home, especially in dark rooms and near the bathroom. Noticeable discoloration in patches along with peeling paint may give away the dangerous pests too. The seller may be careful enough to conceal the problem by repainting the rooms along with the ceiling.

It would not do to wait endlessly for the mold to surface. Instead, it is advisable to schedule an inspection for signs of molds, both visible and invisible. The said inspector will be a thorough professional with a license and certificate to prove it. One may also have such inspections done before investing in the property. Buying a mold-infested home will be costly as the remediation process does not come cheap either. While a few investors may consider it, especially if the property is a valuable one, others may give up the idea and look for an alternative property.

The mold inspection is advantageous in multiple ways. For one, it provides a realistic insight into the property by confirming the presence or absence of mold. Waiting for the mold to take hold would be destructive. It is best to remember that the presence of a moist source can result in mold development within 24 to 48 hours.

A licensed and certified mold inspector would be able to state the following after a thorough inspection is concluded successfully:

  •  Confirm/negate the presence of mold
  •  Determine the seriousness of the problem
  •  Identify the source of water/moisture and advise the client to take adequate steps to eliminate it ASAP
  •  Advise a realistic and cost-effective mold remediation plan according to the convenience of the occupants
  •  Provide practical tips about the prevention of recurrence

A cursory search for molds is not the right way to eliminate the problem. At the earliest, identification and proper removal strategy need a professional mold inspection and testing in Naples and Fort Myers, FL.

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