Reasons why your child needs dental fillings from a pediatric dentist Carlsbad ca

Posted by Meg Smith on September 15th, 2022

As a parent, it is quite common to have a million questions about your child’s health. And this includes their dental health. Dental health is an important aspect of a child’s overall health. Moreover, dental hygiene habits that they form during their formative years are likely to last them their whole lives. Hence, it is imperative for parents to pay special attention to this aspect of their children’s health. You may wonder whether baby teeth need fillings or what happens if cavities are not treated in a timely manner. Another question that parents usually ask their pediatric dentist Carlsbad ca is whether their child needs dental fillings. 

Dental fillings can help children in maintaining their oral health 

Children are quite susceptible to developing cavities. Even primary teeth can suffer from tooth decay. Dental fillings are capable of restoring primary teeth and protecting them till permanent teeth erupt. Research shows that around 60% of children in the USA suffer from more than one cavity by the time they reach the age of five. These then result in dental caries which are tiny holes resulting from tooth decay. If your pediatric dentist in Carlsbad can suggest that your child should get dental fillings then it is advisable to get fillings for your child. 

Why Children are at risk of developing cavities 

When starches and sugar stay on the teeth for a long period of time, bacteria might develop. This bacteria then results in decay which wears down the enamel. Raisins, soda, milk, juices, cereals, and bread are foods that are rich in these decay-causing components. The bacteria in the mouth, feast on these foods and result in the production of acid. Upon combining with saliva, these acids result in the formation of plaque. The plaque is a thin and sticky substance that remains on the teeth and tears down the enamel which results in cavities. 

Children love starchy and sugary foods. A diet with high sugar content combined with a low intake of water and inhibited flow of saliva can increase the risk of cavities. It is difficult to stop children from eating these foods. You can, however, encourage them to think of sweets as treats rather than anticipating them during every meal. You must also encourage them to consume more fruits and vegetables for the maintenance of their oral as well as general health. You can also take them to theCarlsbad Family Dentistry so that they can learn the importance of good oral hygiene habits. 

Dental Fillings for Baby Teeth 

Some parents might assume that baby teeth do not need much care since they will fall out eventually. However, primary teeth occupy the space for permanent teeth. Thus, it is important for these teeth to be healthy so that the permanent teeth will be healthy as well. In case your kid’s baby teeth suffer from cavities, then dental fillings can prove to be quite helpful. Early treatment can stop the growth of the cavity right away. If you notice cavities in your kid’s baby teeth then it is advisable to take them to the Pediatric Dental Office in Carlsbad


It is important for parents to teach good oral care habits to their kids from an early age. This will help you in preventing cavities. Teach your little ones to brush their teeth and floss regularly. If you notice the development of crooked or misaligned teeth, you can always take them to the Orthodontist in Carlsbad Ca

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