What is the meaning of a degree with Hons?

Posted by Janet Gee on September 15th, 2022

What is the meaning of Hons?

            Often seen alongside the title awarded to a bachelor’s degree, with “hons” means, with honours. For example, if you are doing a degree in science, you will see BSc Hons. This stands for Bachelor of Science with Honours. This is a prestigious title that is respected worldwide. It is also the most commonly known degree title. However, some courses are listed just as BSc, without “Hons”, which can leave you to question, what is the meaning of “Hons” and is there a big difference? This article shall discuss hons meaning, and alternative options you can apply for. 

What is a degree with Hons? 

            A meaning of hons is highly regarded within the academic circle. In order to be awarded a degree with Honours, you need to attend a course that offers honours. To find out if a course offers this, it will be stated in the name. If you see a degree listed without “hons”, this is most likely an ordinary degree. Honour degrees usually take a minimum of three years to complete. Furthermore, they require a large final submission. This submission can come in the form of a final project, or a dissertation. Each individual degree has its own requirements. As someone who has graduated with honours, I was required to submit a dissertation at the end of my degree in order to receive my final credits. This is how you can distinguish the meaning of hons. 

What is a degree without Hons? 

            A degree awarded without honours is more commonly known as an ordinary degree. On the whole, ordinary degrees are less popular, and are spoken about less. Although they are not as popular or highly regarded as honours degrees, they are still a valuable asset to your CV. An ordinary degree is achieved through studying without the submission of final evidence. This means you may not need to submit a large final project or dissertation. Moreover, it is often stated that a student who finishes their final year at university but misses the quota required to graduate with a “Third” by a small margin, can be offered an ordinary degree. The meaning of a degree without hons, does not mean you have not succeeded, it just means you may need further training to get the career you want.

Where to find out more about the meaning of Hons?

            Being awarded a degree with hons can mean a lot for you and your future prospects. That being said, if you complete a degree without honours, this does not mean you have failed. Society now is much more open to on-the-job training and attending further education once you are already on the career ladder. It is worth exploring your options before applying for higher education. The job you choose to go forwards in, may not require a honours degree. Hopefully, via the understanding of what the meaning of hons is, you have a clear understanding on the courses on offer.

            If you are looking to find out more about the meaning of hons, and the expectations that come along with such a prestigious title, it may be worth doing some further reading on the subject. One blog post I found extremely helpful was one written by the College of Contract Management. As a well-respected educational body, they have a deepened understanding of professional qualifications and their implications on the job market. Not only do they discuss the meaning of hons, but also multiple alternatives to those wishing to study but would perhaps prefer a less academic route.

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