Why study a HND in Business Management?

Posted by Janet Gee on September 15th, 2022

What is a HND in Business Management? 

            A higher national diploma (HND) is equivalent to a level 5 qualification. In the UK qualification levels range from one to nine. Starting with entry levels and progressing up to a doctorate, each level has its own reputation and understood complexity. As it stands, a level five qualification is a fantastic addition to any CV and can also act as the initial starting point for the journey to graduate level qualification. Therefore, a HND in business is a fantastic starting point for anyone looking to learn more about the business industry but is not quite ready to commit to an undergraduate programme.

Why study a HND in business management? 

            Having a professional qualification within business management can set you leagues ahead of the rest when looking for a job within the industry. Although it is possible to become a manager with little to no professional qualification, it is always best to be prepared. A HND in business management can help you build the skills necessary to successfully commence your career. Not only does it look good on your CV, but there are also multiple other reasons as to why you should take a HND in business management.


            Firstly, there is always going to be a high demand for management positions. A HND in business management is not only suited to the business industry however. Many skills learnt within the course are transferable. This means that even if your career path changes destination over time, you still have a strong set of skills to lean back on.


            Secondly, when taking a HND in business management you are presented with the opportunity to meet many likeminded people. This can provide you with endless business opportunities. Some may take the course to learn more about their current job, others may be looking to start their own business. Each of these individuals will have experience and viewpoints they can share with you to give you a holistic approach to learning.

Business insight

            In addition to meeting people with similar goals as you and learning skills that will remain in demand indefinitely, the HND can provide you with a detailed insight into the business world. Delivered by experienced individuals’ the course can be delivered and linked to real life experiences. The lecturers can also share with you some of what they have experienced as a business manager. This can act as a first-hand impression of the role.

Online Study

            Finally, one of the most beneficial factors of a HND in business management is its delivery style. For those who are looking to study business management without making the commitment of going to university for multiple years, a HND is a perfect alternative. Offered by multiple providers online the HND can take different formats depending on who you study with. Yet, with all online courses, there is one key similarity. They act as a significantly more accessible alternative to face-to-face education.

 Benefits of completing a HND in business management online

            The ability to study and achieve professional qualification via the internet is a fantastic tool that everyone should be aware of. In terms of cost, duration and accessibility, it is more beneficial than attending the first two years of a university degree but has the same outcome. Allowing you to get your HND in business whilst saving money! Additionally, through the improved use of technology, online classes no longer mean isolated learning. With educational bodies such as the College of Contract Management lectures are hosted online via zoom call. This allows you to speak to both your lecturer and your fellow students frequently. You are still able to network and hear about others previous experiences without leaving your home.


            With online programmes such as the one delivered by the College of Contract Management; you are able to achieve a HND in business at a fraction of the cost of a face-to-face course. Not only this, but online courses can be flexible with their timetables. This allows you to continue to work throughout the duration of your course. These benefits teamed with the earning potential and career development a HND can offer make it one of the most desirable courses for the industry.

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