Reasons why choose E-gift cards over cash gifts

Posted by Payrup on September 16th, 2022

Gone are the days when you could simply put some cash in an envelope and call it a gift!

Gifting is such a thing, that even if you buy something that's been made to last, you are never guaranteed to get it right when it comes to gifting it to someone. Regardless of whether it ends up in the bin, at a charity shop, or being gifted again to another awkward recipient, giving people stuff, they don't want is just useless. But nowadays, there's a way to bypass bad gift purchasing, where you can give someone something perfect because they get to choose it and that adds it up to be a special one just like a perfect present they'll love for life. The answer - is an egift card.

Firstly, what is an egift card?

An egift card in simple terms is an electronic version of a physical gift card that can be sent directly to the person's email address and used online or in-store of that particular brand.

Today, we examine the reasons, why many choose to buy egift cards, which are better than cash gifts

  • A Gift Card is a thoughtful gift for someone

While cash is considered a rather generic gift, an eGift Card can often prove to be thoughtful and personal from the giver. Wondering how? This simple gesture makes a gift card much more valuable as compared to cash.

  • Gift cards offer the freedom to purchase what they want

No matter how well you know a person there are times when you simply cannot decipher the things that they desire the most at some given point in time. An egift card presents a great solution to this conundrum by putting the ball in the recipient’s court to choose whatever they love or want.

  • Gift Cards Help you to Curb Overspending

It isn’t always that you have a flexible budget for purchasing gifts all the time. More often than not, occasions like engagements, weddings, etc where things are usually planned a few days or just a couple of months in advance. Such a small notice might not be sufficient for you to save for an expensive gift all of a sudden then. In scenarios like this, an eGift Card can come to your rescue by enabling you to spend only as much as you want to. 

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