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Posted by Michael Jacob on June 6th, 2016

Youtube does not provide the option to download a video, however, most of us are aware that it is possible to download the videos from YouTube and other video libraries on the internet. However, unless you use a special software, plugin or web service, the download is not possible. These tools depend on the inner mechanism and sometimes stop functioning and one can no longer download videos through them.

Why do Youtube Download Stop Working?

YouTube is the most popular video library and it is improved and updated constantly. The layout and site design changes may be seen. To make these changes experiments with coding are done. These changes may not be noticeable by a normal YouTube user, but it definitely affects the way in which the videos are hosted, streamed and downloaded.

For example, different players may be used. But nothing actually changes visually. However, the transition of video player affects the video hosting technology and certain YouTube download tools stop working in such cases.

The changes in codes happen usually one in two months. These changes have an impact on almost every YouTube download software and services as most of them use similar algorithms for download. Only the tools that depend on video capturing will not have an impact in case of changes in code. However, such capture softwares not the best source for fast video download.

What should you do in case you are not able to download from YouTube?

If you are using a paid service, do not panic. Check your emails and social network to check any announcements from the downloader regarding the problems being faced in downloads. If there is no information about the problems, then contact the service provider by writing to them. You may try using another free YouTube downloader online  but it is most likely that the other tools will have the same problems.

Are you unable to download a particular video?

If you do not see any announcement from the developers of download tools, then it might be a local issue on your laptop that you are unable to download a particular video. For example, if you just downloaded 10 videos, but can’t download a particular one, it could be due to system glitch or glitch in that video. In most of the cases, simply closing and relaunching the software helps to solve this issue.

However, sometimes there is a possibility that a certain video may not be downloaded at all. Even though software and web downloader support most of the YouTube content, videos with RTMP/RTMPE cannot be download. So try another download option in such cases. But most of the download tools won’t support such videos.

Are you looking to download only audio from the video?

YouTube mp3 converter is available in case you are interested to download an audio. A lot of people prefer to download only the audio for music. In such cases, you don’t need to download the video and then convert it to video. There are web converters that convert the video into audio file that can be downloaded easily.

So use Youtube downloaders and download your favorite YouTube videos and audios.

For more info: YouTube to mp3 converter

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