Where can you find ICE Professional Review Guidance?

Posted by Janet Gee on September 16th, 2022

What does the ICE Professional Review Guidance refer to?

            The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) offer a professional qualification that allows you to showcase your skills. Once you are qualified via ICE it demonstrates your complex understanding and skills within your industry. In a competitive job market, this can be the thing that pushes you ahead of other competitors. However, becoming qualified through ICE isn’t an easy task. There is a lot of work that needs to go into your application. Luckily, there are professionals on hand that can offer ICE Professional Review guidance.

The Benefit of ICE Professional Review guidance

            This guidance supports you throughout your application and can help you achieve ICE qualification. The process you need to undergo will require a lot of reflection on your current skills and understanding. Moreover you will need to have documented evidence of your increased capabilities over previous years of practice. Gathering all of this information and piecing it into a coherent document can be quite a daunting task. Therefore, there are professionals on hand who can help support and motivate you. Furthermore, through the ICE Professional Review guidance sessions, they can highlight any areas of strength or weakness that you can focus on in your application.

The three steps of the ICE Professional Review

            Application for qualification consists of three steps. Each step requires a different level of time and commitment to complete, but all must be taken equally seriously.

Step 1. Initial application 

            Your initial application needs to be a detail account of yourself and your work history. You will need to include your previous and current employers and the work you did under these roles. Additionally, you will need to supply information regarding your previous academic achievements. You will also be required to submit information on any previous convictions, to confirm you comply with ICE ethics.

Step 2. Evidence Submission

            Following successful application, you need to prepare evidence for submission, showcasing your experience. The ICE asks that every applicant submits and 5,000 account on their past work experiences. Firstly, you should discuss how you meet the requirements for ICE and why you should be considered. Then you can discuss how your previous work experience links in with these points. Finally, you need to submit any evidence of continuous professional development (CPD) that you have completed in the past.

Step 3. The ICE professional Review

            The last step towards becoming ICE professionally qualified is your professional review. This is where ICE Professional Review guidance can be of help. In this step you will be interviewed on your previous evidence by experienced civil engineers. They will go through your submissions and discuss this with you. This could include asking for expansions on previous CPD submissions or discussing your reasoning for joining ICE. Lastly, you may need to submit a small written piece to demonstrate your academic skills if required.

ICE Professional Review guidance online

            The ICE know that the application process can be a little terrifying at first glance. Therefore, they allow expertly delivered ICE professional review guidance to be given during your application. One company that offer this are the College of Contract Management. They offer guidance, support and coaching to enable you to meet your goal. Firstly, you are invited to an induction meeting following your initial application. Then, you are enrolled into 20 hours of courses, all applicable to your required CPD submission. Following those courses, the College of Contract Management then review your submissions. This helps mitigate error as their professional lecturers will help highlight any changes you need to make. Finally, they will help you prepare for your interview process.

How online ICE Professional Review Guidance can help 

            This ICE Professional Review guidance offered by the College of Contract Management provides the support you need to successfully pass your review. The team of experienced professionals will go over any submissions or documents in detail to see if there is any room for improvement. Furthermore, they offer mock interviews and presentations that help you get in the mind set for the real thing. This support can really help push you in the right direction. Upon completion of the course, you are then ready to apply for the real thing.

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