Private Jet Rental Service Vs First Class: Which One?s Better?

Posted by Horacio Warren on June 6th, 2016

Now, this question is asked by only a handful of people, those who are able to afford either of the two services. But, well a question is a question, and like every question this one too deserves an answer. And one should read this article irrespective of the fact whether or not one fall in the elite category because keeping one self informed is always better than ignorance. Plus you never know when the cycle to time turns into your favor and brings you onto the receiving end.

One point that’s common between commercial first class and private jet services  is that both of them cost you a fortune, but that doesn’t mean that they are similar on all the frontiers. Rather they showcase wide distinguishing features that may help one decide amongst the two.

Below we have compared both the services on various basic yet important parameters that’ll for sure give you an exact answer to this widely asked question.

1. Money Matters – The Long Fought Price Battle Let’s get one thing straight, private jet are way too expensive than booking a first class ticket. Take for example you book a private jet from Paris to New York, it’ll cost you around ,500 ,while commercial first class ticket for the same will cost as low as ,500.

But wait, before you take a final call, as there’s more you need to know. Now, the thing with private jet is that here you don’t book just a seat but the entire plan, thus allowing you to board the plan with any number of people, giving the same price as you were giving for yourself. That for sure is not the thing with commercial air services. So, when traveling in bulk, rental jets are the best choice.

2. Comfort Level – Advantages & Amenities on board When comfort is all that matters to you then for sure private jets is the one you should go for. The thing with high-end private jets is that they offer on demand facilities, its like you need it, just ask for it. Entire trip is custom made taking care of your smallest requirement. From birthday cakes, to specific brand Champaign or herbal tea, they would go to any extend to please you.

But that’s not the thing with commercial first-class service, whose amenities are restricted to a pre-defined list.

3. Time matters – When every minute is precious as diamond Okay, for those people who matters time more than money private jet is the perfect pick, not just for one but for several reasons. Number one, you skip the long airport lines and tedious check points. Secondly, they drop you to place where you need go( no matter how small is the airport) , unlike the commercial flights whose range is only restricted to big airports.

Thirdly, with private jet you don’t need to schedule your meeting around them as they will run when you need them to. Plus you can conduct an on-board meetings and other work related activates on a rental jet. So, all you need to do is call your air charter broker and update him on your requirement.

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