Work Orders or Work Types should have Knowledge Articles attached to them.

Posted by Elijah on September 19th, 2022

Learn how to interact with work order knowledge articles, work order line items, and work types.

Include an Article

Search for and are attached  articles from the Articles related list, the Knowledge One console widget, or the Lightning Experience Knowledge component to a record.

  • In Salesforce Classic, in the Articles related list on a record, click Find Article to find and attach an article.
  • To attach articles to work types in the Salesforce Classic console, use the Articles related list on the work type.
  • Use the Knowledge One widget or the Articles related list to attach articles to work orders or work order line items.
  • In Lightning Experience and the Lightning Experience console, search for the article in the Knowledge component of a record and then attach it.

See the attached article

Attached articles appear in the Knowledge Lightning component, the Knowledge One console widget, and the Articles related list. To view an article, click on its title. If related list feed tracking is enabled, you can navigate to attached articles from the record feed.

The Linked Work Orders and Linked Work Order Line Items related lists on article detail pages in Salesforce Classic display the records to which an article is attached. There is no related list for Linked Work Types.

Revisit an Attached Article

Open the article and select Edit to publish a new version.

When you attach an article to a work order or line item, that version of the article remains associated with the record even if later versions are published. Detach and reattach an article as needed to ensure that the record is linked to the most recent version of the article. The attached version is linked in the Linked Article Version field on the linked article detail page.

Remove an Article

Remove articles from the Articles related list or Knowledge One console widget in Salesforce Classic, as well as the Knowledge component in Lightning Experience.

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