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Posted by Janet Gee on September 19th, 2022

What is Leadership?

Leadership is taking on the role and responsibilities in managing the collective resources, plans, and goals of an organization. The aim in possessing a leadership ability is to guide your team members towards the common goal of the company. As a leader, you are able to deal with multiple projects, knowing how to divide tasks to your team, organizing priorities and strategies, then making decisions that will increase the profit of the business and reduce cost of expenses.


What is Management?

Management is how you manage an organization to follow its objective. These are methods or procedures conducted within a company in order to organize what needs to be done, supervising and leading the members, controlling the functions and communications, and monitoring the progress of a business, productivity, and quality of work that’s been completed.


Why is Leadership Important?

It is essential to learn this skill especially when it comes to handling a business. Just like a business manager, their role is important in terms of handling messy situations and disorder. Many workplaces without a leader to guide them tend to have a slow-moving pace without much work getting done on time. Leadership has a lot of influence in how a business is being handled.


These are one of the reasons why Leadership is important and how it affects the organization:

  1. It gives employees motivation and guidance to follow.

  2. Employees are more likely to be content at their work with a good leader that appreciates what they do.

  3. It establishes the core vision and goal to achieve it.

  4. It increases the productivity and efficiency of employees to produce better work.

  5. It transforms a business into a recognizable and valued establishment.

  6. A business has a higher chance to earn more profit.

  7. They produce quality work with the proper tools and resources.


What are the benefits of Leadership?

It has many benefits when it comes to becoming a business leader in an organization and to yourself. When you think of leaders, we mention presidents, teachers, executives, and more. It comes in a variety of roles and positions in society but they all have similarities. It’s the ability in guiding others to success.


Here are the benefits of Leadership that will develop you as a person and also to a business:

  1. You will gain confidence and your decision-making skills will improve.

  2. You are able to develop your personal and professional growth into becoming more confident in yourself, your words, and how you deal with people.

  3. You will become assertive in pursuing objectives and better work ethics.

  4. A leader can turn anyone into a partner or an ally who speaks for both common interest and gain.

  5. Your direction will move the business forward (by accomplishing tasks) and upward (by increasing profits).

  6. Employees are more likely to be more engaged and preserve their position knowing they have a good leader that has their backs.

  7. You will receive a high pay salary and recognition for your hard work in running an organization.

  8. Your team is more likely to trust you and your judgment.


What is Strategic Management?

It involves the use of strategy in managing a business. A business leader or manager will produce a plan, analyze and assess how each strategy affects the business, then devise a better and efficient way to meet their end goal. It entails a lot of decisions that will reflect on an organization’s performance and progress. Forming a strategy is developing procedures to follow, researching their competition, and formulating ideas. Strategic Management helps in knowing what your next move will be.


Online Course on Strategic Management and Leadership

Leadership starts in learning and educating yourself into excellence and discipline. It takes months or possibly years of practice to develop a leadership skill. College of Contract Management provides an online course in leadership with diploma called as CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. This course is hugely beneficial for aspiring business leaders, managers, or any organizational head. Learning through their online course ensures the qualifications for your job in which the College of Contract Management will reward you with a proven record and diploma of your Leadership skills once you completed their Leadership course. Most of all, an integral part in your growth with the help of their course is turning you into a better leader for your future career.

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