Application of IoT in Intelligent Agriculture

Posted by UbiBot on September 20th, 2022

Regarding agriculture, the Internet of Things (IoT) not only helps modernize conventional methods but also aims at other methods like organic farming, family farming, etc. Due to the rapid use of the internet of things based agriculture, the production of crops and the quality of end products has increased. There are different applications of IoT available which are as follows.

Precision Farming

Precision farming refers to a method in which farmers control farming processing. Key features of such types of agriculture are based on the use of sensors, robots, automation, and different kinds of technologies. Precision farming is an excellent example of the successful application of IoT-based smart agriculture. By using advanced technology, farmers can produce more crops and provide ultra-modern solutions for agriculture.

Monitor Livestock 

Large farm owners use wireless IoT apps to monitor their cattle's whereabouts and health. This knowledge allows them to isolate sick animals from the herd, treat them, and prevent the disease from spreading. Cattle owners may employ IoT-based smart agriculture devices help to track their animals, which helps them save labor costs. In addition, it also allows farmers to collect data related to animals and share it with veterinarians.

Understand Climate Conditions 

For growing high-production crops, it is essential to understand the weather conditions. By placing sensors in the fields of crops, farmers collect real-time data and understand which crops are better in this weather. The whole system of IoT is based on sensors that collect accurate time information like temperature, Rain, and humidity which play an essential role in crop production.

Use of Drones in Agriculture 

Technology advancement creates a significant impact on agriculture as well. Using a drone imported many farming practices. Using drones brings a lot of advantages, like taking pictures of crops, spreading pesticides on crops, GIS mapping, etc. For large farms, drones also help to determine the health of crops. So farmers can take necessary actions.

Creating Smart Greenhouse 

An intelligent greenhouse is a method in which farmers use IoT to measure environmental factors. The innovative IoT monitors the whole environment without involving any human intervention.


The use of IoT encourages farmers to pursue clever techniques in farming. By using intelligent gadgets and IoT-based smart agriculture, farmers can produce more crops with quality. For implementing IoT in your business, you can certainly get in touch with UbiBot.

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