Shelon Series 3 NFTs Sold out

Posted by Digital_Zone on September 20th, 2022

Shelon are riding high after selling out their third NFT collection in record time! This NFT collection was released in celebration of their partner LakeViewMeta’s first birthday, and included a LVM inspired background and the much loved Shelon dog. Anyone who purchased one of these highly coveted pieces of art received an airdrop of $Shelon and $LVM tokens which almost exceeded the value of the NFT itself.

The Shelon team are excitedly preparing the next NFT collection with an aim to release to their loyal investors towards the end of September. So far the first three NFT collections have included an incentive/utility, and the community are buzzing to find out what the next release has in store.

Shelon token was launched   21st June 2022 and has been organically growing a loyal following of investors looking at long term growth and not just a quick turnaround. Originally Shelon provided their holders with passive income through Dogecoin reflections, but as the project grew and evolved it became evident that a new direction was required.

The team at Shelon were highly motivated to find a long term partner they could support through reflection buybacks, and build a long term future. LakeViewMeta welcomed Shelon with open arms and a new partnership was born with solid foundations put down to continue to build on.

LakeViewMeta is an exciting new project that has been working for the past year to build a working metaverse, P2E Treasure hunt and partnerships with multiple long term projects. The company had already built their product before releasing their native token which is a refreshing change in the BSC space.

September 2022 opened a new chapter in the Shelon story with a contract migration, and a change of reflection token from $doge to LakeviewMeta’s native token $LVM. Taxes have been lowered with the new contract so holders will only get taxed 12% on buys and sells. The improved tokenomics consists of 4% $LVM reflections, 4% Marketing wallet and 4% into the liquidity pool. A key focus for Shelon is to continue to build a strong liquidity pool to accommodate the growth of the project and provide long term stability

The future is bright, the future is $SHELON
If youi want to learn more about $SHELON you will find the latest tweets published on Quacks Blog if you can also follow the official account @Shelonbsc and the unofficial account @shelonians. If you want to own a Shelon NFT:s you will now have to pay premium prices, but it could still be a good investment as Shelon is far from reaching an evaluation to the likes of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu or Luna Classic. 

Crypto investments are risky and volatile so always use proper risk managements if you decide to gamble, speculate or invest in a meme token. Not all meme tokens can hope to reach the staggering returns of 46,000,000% gain of Shiba Inu. Babydoge only did 1000% in two weeks after its launch. However 10X your investments is argualy still a good deal if you compare it to regular investments in the stock market. Thus an investment in $SHELON could pay off handsomely. 

To learn more about $SHELON you can also join their community on Telegram. There you will get early updates on when their new NFT:s will be released.

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