Cutting type of seamless steel pipe

Posted by zora li on September 21st, 2022

The main methods of seamless steel pipe cutting is cutting machine, flame cut, sawing and so on. The features of its pipe cutting equipment are described below.
(1) Pipe cutting machine
Pipe cutting machine equipment is simple, less investment, more widely used, and some also have the function of down-groove and automatic loading and unloading materials and aggregate devices. Pipe cutting machine is seamless pipe finishing line commonly used equipment.

(2) Cutting saws
It can be divided into pipe saws, band saws and disc saws and other forms. Pipe saws can be cut into multiple rows at a time in a row of steel pipe, high production efficiency, but the complex structure of the equipment, high investment; band saw and disc saw less efficient and less investment. Circular saw is suitable for cutting off the pipe with smaller outer diameter, while the band saw is used to cut off the pipe with larger outer diameter.

(3) Flame cut off
Flame cutting, including oxygen cutting, hydrogen cutting and plasma cutting, etc., the cutting method is more suitable for large diameter pipe wall thickness of the seamless steel pipe cutting. Plasma cutting, cutting faster. Due to the high temperature at flame cutting, there is a heat affected zone near the cut and the port surface is not smooth.

(4) Machine cut off
This cut off the low efficiency, generally used for sampling and sample preparation.

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