Should I Contact a Lawyer for US Permanent Resident Card or Green Card?

Posted by Alan Finkel on September 21st, 2022

You probably already know that the laws and processes are difficult if you're interested in getting a green card so you may live, work, and remain in the US for an extended length of time. There are several exclusions and contradictions in U.S. immigration law. The amount of paperwork needed can be daunting, there will inevitably be mistakes made by the government, and mistakes made by the applicant might have catastrophic results.

In conclusion, even if hiring a lawyer is not essential, most individuals are satisfied with their choice to do so.

Complexities while applying for a green card:

Many people believe that the American immigration system is "broken." The legislation itself is very hard to comprehend. Just getting familiar with the ins and outs of various visas, green cards, and other perks take years for attorneys.

The law is partly intended to help the applicants; for instance, by enabling them to reconnect with family members already living in the country or to obtain asylum to avoid prosecution but it is also intended to prevent people from entering the country who might deplete its resources or pose a threat to the safety or security of American society.

That indicates that relatively few claimants have an easy case that can be accepted. One prior visa overstay, felony conviction, major health issue, or loss of employment is all it takes to render someone "inadmissible," necessitating extra work to persuade the immigration officials to approve the application.

Not to mention the chance that the US government will lose all or part of your petition or bother you for paperwork that either doesn't exist or that you don't feel is necessary. It frequently takes place.

In order to discuss the most recent methods of getting in touch with someone in the immigration system when anything like this goes wrong, lawyer groups arrange special sessions. (The government makes things difficult.) Without a lawyer, you can wait for hours on end to speak with an immigration customer service agent just to be informed that your case is "pending" by someone who doesn't really have access to your file.

There are costs involved, just like with any legal counsel. However, when you take into account the time and hassles saved, it can be worth it.

Can you do it yourself?

If you spend several hours attempting to complete immigration paperwork, you might reconsider. It is true that you will be better off if you are more informed about the procedure you are about to engage in and the task you are paying the lawyer to complete. By providing the necessary data and papers and making wise judgments on your case, you may assist the attorney in putting together a strong application on your behalf.

However, some people have attempted and succeeded in building their whole case from scratch. There are resources available to you if you truly cannot afford any other choice, including the papers and books referenced on this site.

The risks are huge, yet you're taking a chance. In addition to the application being refused, some errors on an immigration petition might make the applicant ineligible for a number of years. So, contact an immigration lawyer in San Antonio,Texas, and get this procedure done error-free.

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