Visit an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary on a Trip to Thailand

Posted by Hailey on September 21st, 2022

If you’re planning a family trip to Thailand in the near future, it’s the perfect time to start teaching your kids about the importance of animal conservation. By visiting one of Thailand's ethical elephant sanctuaries, your whole family will experience a magical day you'll remember for the rest of your lives, and your kids will develop compassion and empathy towards Thailand's elephants.   

Travelling with your kids gives you a chance to introduce them to all the facets of different cultures. A trip to Phuket is also one of non-stop fun and excitement. 

Tasting Thai food for the first time, exploring the island's waterfalls, taking a boat trip out to the famous islands of Phang Nga Bay, and trying out the many different and exciting water sports on the beautiful beaches of Phuket are all activities your kids will love. But interacting with the elephants at Phuket’s Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is something that may, hopefully, inspire long-lasting respect for nature in your kids

Bathe and Feed the Elephants

The future for Thailand’s elephants started looking a lot brighter once conservationists noticed that tourists didn’t need to ride elephants or have them perform tricks. They were perfectly happy just being able to interact with them and feed and bathe them. 

Thailand's elephant conservation effort grew and became a sustainable and thriving ecological tourist attraction simply based on people’s love for elephants. 

These days, no family’s vacation to Thailand is considered complete without making a visit to an elephant nature park. And one of the best parks in Phuket is Elephant Jungle Sanctuary (EJS). 

Choose Your Time of Visiting 

You have your choice of a morning or afternoon visit where the whole family can feed and shower with the elephants, so bring a swimming suit and a change of clothes and be prepared to get wet! You should also bring a towel, hat, comfortable shoes, and insect repellent. 

In both the morning and afternoon visits, EJS will pick you up from your family’s accommodation if you’re staying in one of the major urban areas in Phuket. They'll also provide an educational introduction in English that will acquaint you with the elephant’s anatomy, behaviour, and history. 

On your visit, your family can interact, feed and shower with the elephants and observe them in a natural environment doing the things elephants like to do. Of course, you're free to bring a camera and spend your visit photographing them, but for people who want to shower with them and get wet and messy, you can leave your expensive camera behind. EJS has a photographer that will be able to supply your family with pictures of everyone having fun with the elephants.  

Give your family a treat they'll remember for the rest of their lives, and teach your kids about the benefits of animal conservation. Book your family's visit to Phuket's Elephant Jungle Sanctuary today. 

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