The Advantages of Learning Coding

Posted by Hailey on September 21st, 2022

If you’re thinking about learning coding in Malaysia, there’s no better time to start learning than right now. Coding provides a wide range of benefits and provides a skillset that is highly in demand by employers. Learning this valuable skill can help you on your way to a successful career path. The following are just a few of the advantages that learning coding can provide. 

Enhances problem-solving skills

Coding can help improve your logical thinking skills by allowing you to see problems from a different perspective. Coding is structured in such a way that complex projects are made up of smaller tasks, and by breaking down the problem into smaller parts and adopting a methodological approach, you can face any challenge. These problem-solving skills can be applicable to any scenario in your daily life. 

Coding allows data visualisation

 Certain coding languages such as SQL and Python provide good practice for data analysis and visualisation. These skills can be highly valuable for designing complex data dashboards and reports. These kinds of dashboards and reports are important for making more accessible and easier to understand. Coding is a skill that can be applied to various roles for data purposes, even outside the technology industry. For example: You can use data skills you have learned during coding to understand performance data or customer trends and use this to inform a marketing strategy. 

Coding complements creativity

Another advantage of learning coding is how it can help you show your creativity online. For instance, with coding you can create online blogs or complex websites and customise them on your own instead of using pre-existing templates. This is an excellent way to stand out with your online portfolio or to create a strong visual identity for your brand as an aspiring business owner. Coding opens up many opportunities in creative fields such as graphic design, web development or app development, as well as other non-tech roles writing if edits are needed to be made to a blog layout or an email newsletter or survey is needed. HTML or CSS can be both be used for these purposes. 

Coding is a universal language

Code is similar to mathematics in that it is a universal language. Coding languages work the same throughout the world no matter what country. Because of this, this skill makes you highly employable as your skillset can transfer even with geographic boundaries. Coding is truly a skill that you can carry anywhere, and it can allow you to be a highly employable individual, allowing you to thrive in any environment. 

The best place to learn coding in Malaysia is Forward School, which has several different programs and courses available that can allow you to have better prospects in the tech industry. Forward School teaches courses such as Data Science Essentials, Applied Software Engineering, Applied Data Science, and Applied Deep Learning, all of which are highly valuable knowledge to have in terms of coding. 

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